Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plumbing: Check!

Best news ever: our plumbing was started AND finished this week! This was a very nice surprise, since we'd kinda been given the impression that we weren't going to get plumbing, HVAC or electrical for two weeks or more. The Barbie Dream House is beginning to gain function - yay!

Our kitchen sink plumbing:
The master bath - now with tub!

Our refrigerator hookup!
All of our secondary bathtubs were installed :)
Just taking a bath in my tub... no biggie.
Washer Dryer Hookups (photo taken from the garage)


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  2. A good start for your plumbing and construction. Looking forward for the finished home of yours!

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  4. Great construction. There is no doubt that the plumbing service and repairs will turn out to be good in their hands.

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  7. The house is looking good, Whitney! The construction seems to be getting along nicely. What type of materials did you use for pipes and fittings? Is it plastic, brass or copper? I used brass for most of mine because it’s durable and resistant to corrosion, which is particularly essential if you’re going to have water going through it all the time, I believe. Gayle Manning

  8. The main reason my brother is getting into this type of work (He is working to become an electrician) is because he loves using his hands. In plumbing, you have to use your hands and get dirty. Thanks for sharing this information.

  9. This seems like a big dream house. You have a lot of tubs installed. It sure has a quite complicated plumbing system. But I hope it won’t be a big problem when you need to do some repairs or renovation in the future. I’m pretty sure this will turn out beautifully! Can’t wait to see it finished!

    +Elia Lester


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