Monday, March 23, 2015

Scroll Iron Baluster Staircase Upgrade!

Hey dolls!

Happy Spring! For my birthday I asked hubby and my parents to go in together to buy me scroll iron baluster pieces so that we could upgrade our staircase balusters from white wooden ones. To our surprise, the balusters came in in less than 3 days (stair nation was awesome!) and it only took hubby a couple hours to install them!

Because our staircase is spiral, there was a lot of variation in baluster height, so my husband had to individually cut each one down using an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel attachment (no clue what that is, but I know it lives in our garage). Then he just popped them into place and installed the shoes. Helpful hint - if you're planning an iron baluster project, don't forget to budget for the shoes. They're $1.25 each at a minimum and you'll need more than 100 of them for a normal sized staircase.

We've wanted these since we bought the house (our builder didn't have the scroll option, only basket balusters), so it's amazing to finally have them installed! Our next project for the foyer is probably to add 14ft taupe wainscoting to break up the really tall walls.



To keep everything matching, we also added them to our upstairs hallway arches that we love so much. These photos from during and after installation were taken from the living room.

Check back soon for our new built-ins in our master sitting room... an entire wall of custom built-ins for only $160 in materials! The project is done, I just need to find time to upload pics.
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