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The BDH blog had very humble beginnings. For us originally, it was simply a way to keep our relatives and friends updated on the progress of our home's construction. With friends and family (especially Ross's) living far away, we were excited with what a blog could offer: an opportunity to share extended updates and photos of the BDH as it inched upwards. For the first several months the blog's viewers consisted of our parents, Mema, a couple close friends and the occasional friendly stranger who had an interest in construction or home design.

The BDH Blog happily marched along, fulfilling its purpose of updating our loved ones and playing to a crowd of about 10 viewers per day. Then a funny thing happened - almost overnight, the BDH Blog's readership jumped to a consistent 1,500 readers per day. I attribute this success to the success of some of the BDH's pins on Pinterest (@legallyblonde64) (thanks Pinterest!) and of course to you fabulous folks - the BDH Blog readers (also lovingly referred to as "Barbies").

Since then, we've done our best to keep the content fresh and the pictures and updates flowing. If you want to see more or less of something, let me know! This is all for you, the readers, so I'm happy to add more décor and less DIY, etc.

As of late March, 2012, after almost one year of construction, the BDH was complete and we moved in! The original purpose of the Blog having been achieved, we decided to turn it's focus to decorating, furnishing, painting, DIY'ing it and doing all of that other cute new homeowner stuff. We've done a lot since move in, but we still have a couple empty rooms and a 3 page list of projects we want to do (from building the shelving into the wine cellar to doing a rotating purse rack in the shoe closet) - and you better believe that the BDH Blog will follow every bit of it.

About Us
Photo Credit: Nina Sutherland Photography (the world's most AMAZING photog!)

My husband and I are 20-something, semi-newlyweds who just finished a crazy, year long journey building our dream home. We've been together for seven years, three of which we've been married. By day, I'm a lawyer and lobbyist and hubs is a DAS engineer. By night, we proudly parent our furry canine children, a pug (Gus), a Pekingese (Toula) and a Boxer (Scout).

I like to fancy myself a crafter, with a love for bow making, cricut work, wreath making, Christmas tree decorating, scrapbooking, gift basketing and refinishing wood and metal. On the other hand, Ross is incredibly handy, with skills in welding, carpentry, fabrication, furniture making and about anything else you would expect your handy man to be able to do. We're also pickers to an extent, frequenting flea markets, garage sales and goodwill to find things we can refinish or upcycle. Our interests really seem to balance each other out and can make for some interesting home and décor DIY projects.

Aside from working on the house and crafts together (we used to have woodworking dates every Friday night when we lived in Houston, where we would make a piece of furniture, a cornhole set or a giant wooden pumpkin together in the garage as a date), we love to travel together and go on walks with our puppy children.

Besides my family, friends, pups and lawyering, my loves are Christmas (I'm a Christmas tree hoarder, currently owning 26 full sized Christmas trees, each with a different theme)(I know, I belong in a mental institution), wine, bubble baths, swimming and shopping. For hubby, it's all about riding and working on his motorcycle and dirtbikes, watching Texas sports and his fantasy football league (which he takes incredibly seriously).



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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous house! It really is like a BDH. I would kill for a closet like that. I am about to become a homeowner after my meeting with my mortgage company (Avrus Mortgage) closes next week and the first thing I am doing is redoing my closet so I can have a nice big walk in closet like yours. I don't have nearly as many shoes as you but I plan to eventually. lol Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you enjoying that amazing house of your! I would love to see more decor advice on your post.


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