Monday, March 4, 2013

BDH Landscaping: Sod, Swirled Topiary Trees, Holly Trees & Hydrangeas

I can't believe my eyes - our dream house is now done with its final stage of construction - landscaping!

Everything looks good to us (way better than any yard we've ever had... we don't exactly have green thumbs). I'm less excited about the plants than I am excited for what they stand for: our home almost being ready for us to move in! Here are some pictures of the plants & the BDH exterior for all you horticulturists, garden enthusiasts and outdoorsy types:

I don't know what the bushes on the right are, but our blue hydrangeas can kinda be seen in the top left corner of this picture.
I love this holly tree!
I love the swirled juniper trees. We opted for these instead of pom pom topiaries, although I think topiary trees also would have looked good.

As to the interior, it's absolutely complete in our eyes, subject only to touch-ups. It does need A LOT of touch ups though. There are snags, scuffs, scratches and bumps everywhere. I'm sure they'll easily resolve those though, but it is a little anxiety causing, just because of the sheer number of them.

Our "First Walk Through & Home Orientation" as Toll Brothers calls it, is Wednesday. This meeting is where they orient us with the home, show us where things are/how they work (although I assume most of it should be super obvious), and we point out scratches and flaws that we think need to be reconciled before closing. After that, we only have SIX DAYS until closing! Today, we're 8 days away! After 11 months of waiting, hoping, saving and longing for this home, being this close is absolutely surreal!

I'll continue to keep you posted barbies. Thanks for all of the love & support! xox
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