Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our 27 Christmas Tree, 2014 Christmas Home Tour

Hi dolls! I hope you're all enjoying the most wonderful time of the year. I've been working so much that I feel like I'm so behind on Christmas. Fortunately we spent most of November's weekends getting our 27 Christmas trees up, but as far as Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, Christmas baking and Christmas wrapping goes, I've hardly started. Sigh - working girl problems. One thing I've been meaning to do for weeks is to give you all a Christmas home tour, which was our most popular post of the year last year. Now that I'm essentially on Christmas break, I've had a chance to get some photos together so y'all can take a peak into how crazy we are below.

To view our 2013 Christmas home tour - click here.
Trees not pictured below: Ross's 4ft burnt orange University of Texas tree in the garage and my 4 ft pink tree with shoe ornaments in my shoe closet.

While most of these photos (the low quality ones) were of course taken by me, any pretty ones you see were taken by my professional photographer aunt, Lisa Warren.

This is our 9 ft main tree, in our living room, with all red and gold ornaments. It was the subject of my recent post of Christmas tree decorating tips & tricks.



I lovingly refer to these 3 as "the triplets" - they're matching 6ft trees with all gold balls and gold reindeer ornaments

This 7ft tree with all peppermint ornaments is one of my favorites
This 6 ft white tree with purple, blue, pink and green ornaments, many of which are snowmen, is in our downstairs guest bedroom
This 7 ft red tree has all lime green, red and white ornaments and is in our foyer
This antique village was a gift from Ross's stepmom and it puts a big smile on my face every year
My dad and I in our foyer
This 14ft red and burlap decorated tree is our tallest, and is nestled into our spiral staircase in our foyer


this cute little 2 ft white tree has pink and grey ornaments to match our master bath

I put this 5 ft tree up every year in honor of my late grandfather, as it is covered in cardinals, his favorite bird. It's in our upstairs guest bedroom.
This tree is NEW this year! I'm so excited about it and these pictures really don't do it justice. It's under the sea themed, with blue/green glittery mesh ribbon, green and blue seaweed ornaments, pink glass "bubbles", sparkly aqua glass ornaments, lots of blue, green and pink tinsel, glittery fish, navy blue barnacle picks, translucent sea turtles and one red lobster. lol

This tree is another one of my favorites - it's 7 ft, flocked and features candy cane, lollipop, doughnut, cupcake, ice cream and candy ornaments. It's in our sunroom, off of our kitchen.

This tree is gold, brown and leopard print themed and is also in our sunroom
This tree is 7ft and black, with all white ornaments. It's in our black and white themed kitchen.

This tree is 6ft and features all rustic ornaments. It's a tribute to both of our moms, who both have mountain ties. I put three rustic mini-trees (not included in the 27 tree total) at the base.

Here's a tiny peak at our latest project and hubby's best work yet - our new wine cellar! This will be revealed in our next post! You can also kinda see a 4ft tall pink tree nestled in the corner by the staircase.
These two trees are in our library. They're both 6ft and green, with the one on the left featuring all dog related ornaments in honor of our 3 furry children and the tree on the right featuring all of our travel and childhood ornaments.
This tree is also in our library (yes, that means 3 trees in the library - I'm nuts) and it's peacock themed. I've been doing this tree since 2010, before the peacock craze took off, but at least its easier to find ornaments now.
This is also in our library - its a beautiful ceramic snow village that my mother in law handed down to us last year.
The following photos were taken in our formal living room aka "the lady cave"
These 2 7ft trees are in the turret of our formal living room. The one on the left has all iridescent fairy ornaments, the pink one has all pink ornaments, the one on the right has all light blue and silver ornaments.

This little 4 ft tree is in our downstairs half bath and features gold, red and brown glittery ornaments

These photos are all from our dining room, which has one 7 ft white tree with all white ornaments and one 6 ft silver pencil tree with all silver ornaments

Now for a couple shots from our recent Christmas party, where 65 of our closest friends came by and filled the BDH with Christmas spirit. <3

I made this fruit tree using an apple cut in half and a carrot as the frame and just added fruit by sticking toothpicks into the carrot and apple!

I made these mini apple and cherry pie tartlets by cutting pie crust into little squares, stuffing them into my mini-muffin pan, adding cherry and apple pie filling and throwing in a small slice of brie. They were super easy and yummy!

I also revamped our old front door wreaths by taking off all of the deco mesh off of the original wreaths (left is a before pic) and just reapplying them in a tighter way onto the same wreath frame (right side is an after). It was a great facelift for them and it required no new materials, just a little time.

I hope you've enjoyed this peak into our Christmas madness! We're definitely crazy, but you can't say we don't have Christmas spirit. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
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