Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Swimming Pool Photos

Hello dolls!

I hope you're all managing to stay warm despite all of these recent snow storms that don't seem to discriminate against any region of the US! We've had a couple major snow storms here in NC (including a couple snow days from work!) and all of this cold weather has really got hubby and I dreaming of warmer days and beginning to put our pool construction wheels in motion.

Ross and I have both known we wanted a pool since before we even built our house. He grew up with one in his backyard and I basically spent my entire childhood in a pool (I was a competitive swimmer). We got a really ghetto used inflatable one on CL (for $30 - we were big spenders) for our old rental home in Texas and we LOVED it. We spent every sunny, waking moment in it, bought all sorts of pool toys (which was kind of hilarious since it was only like 12 ft wide and 4 ft tall) and even built a "waterfall" for it. Eventually it popped (which is the risk you run mixing inflatable swimming pools and dogs) and we've been sadly poolless ever since.

So now that several things might be beginning to align, we've begun researching pool options and designs. What I've found so far is that they're pretty freaking expensive even for the most basic, not upgraded setups. Sheesh. On the other hand, I've found some absolutely AMAZING inspiration photos, many of which are even more spectacular than my pool inspiration photos from 2012. Many of these are indoor, a notion I'm obsessed with despite it's complete lack of feasibility with our current house.

This shape - Roman - is my favorite right now. I also love the dark bottom and the fountains crossing it.

This indoor pool has a convertible lid! 

I generally don't prefer the lagoon type pools but we might end up doing one for no reason other than doing a beach entry like this one. I love this! I'm also partial to the elevated area for laying out!

I love this combo! Ross has come really close to building us an outdoor fireplace like this a couple times (he's a super handy professional engineer - we've even toyed with the idea of him getting his contractor's license and leading the pool construction himself!), but we keep holding back on this and other backyard projects to ensure that the entire backyard is cohesive once we get around to it.

Love this indoor pool! It feels so perfectly integrated into the house - like its just another room.

Can we take a moment to swoon over this dramatic indoor pool? Agghhh! I'll take five of these please.

Here's another dark bottom Roman pool. I don't like the grass around it but the pool itself is gorgeous.
This pool has its own custom water slide (which I'm sure is worth more than our entire pool budget!). Look at the tile work on that thing!
I don't know why, but I love the island in this one. It takes away a lot of the pool's functionality, but its still so cool. I'm also digging the beach, which again only seems to fit with lagoon type swimming pools.
Now last but not least, these guys just seem to be showing off! It's a pool and hot tub surrounded by a personal lazy river, with a bridge of course. This is a little crazy but I definitely wouldn't complain if someone put it in the BDH's backyard!

I'll update you guys if we make any more concrete (pun intended!) progress on the pool front. What are your preferred pool styles and amenities barbies?



  1. It's really fun to think of summer activities during winter. Particularly about going to a pool, where you can go swimming and have fun playing with your kids. And I think any of this pool designs will look amazing in one's home, especially if they can match the surroundings. What design did you end up picking, btw?

    Joanne Henry @ Tranquility Pools

  2. Installing a pool in your house can be quite costly. However, it would be worth it if you could have an amazing pool, like the ones you use as inspirations! They’re all beautiful in their own right! As for your pool, the Roman pool is also my favorite. I can't hardly wait to hear your pool updates!

    Matt Grant @ Pool Service Perth

  3. So, which among these beautiful inspirations did you end up choosing? If you were to ask me, I might have chosen the Roman pool as well. That one is just lovely! And I think its classic design will blend with any style of the house. Keep us updated!

    Peter Weiderman @ Guardian Industries

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