Friday, February 26, 2016

Gender Reveal!

Today we had a very small group of family and neighbors over to reveal the gender of Baby C! We loved seeing the surprise on everyone's faces when our three canine children ran out of our front doors to share the news!

So I bet you're curious if Baby C is a he or a she? Well, we're so excited to share that baby is all boy! In our ultrasound Tuesday the doctor confirmed baby's male gender with "300% confidence" after getting clear shots of the goods from 3 angles. Baby was very free in showcasing his private parts, so we'll have to work on that when he makes his grand entrance late this summer. It was such a special experience checking out his features and mannerisms in 3D/4D color. We both completely agree that baby already acts, moves and looks eerily like my husband. From the way he pulled the cord to his posture to his long torso and face shape, he is all Ross! I hope baby gets at least something from me. Baby is also very, very tall for his gestational age, measuring at the length of a 17w baby instead of the 15w baby he is. The nurse said she'd be completely shocked if the baby wasn't off the height charts at birth. She also couldn't stop talking about how big his hands were and his great motor skills. He's not even born yet and we are so, so proud. 

We both went back and forth a million times about our gender guess and gender preference, at the end of the day concluding that we were both just so happy to have a human child on the way after such a long infertility journey that it didn't really matter. The weekend before our ultrasound though I had started to secretly crave that mother son bond that seems so deep and special, but I also love pink and tutus so knew I would be happy either way. We were however really eager to find out because we have big carpentry plans for the nursery that were highly dependent on gender. Plus, I was just really ready to show for baby clothes!

Our minds haven't stopped racing since we found out with ideas of names, nursery bedding and everything else. I'm also embarrassed to report that in the four days between Tuesday's ultrasound and writing this post I've already spent almost $300 on precious baby boy clothes. I already have a mommy problem and the baby is negative 25 weeks old. Sheesh. 

If you have thoughts on cute boy names or boy nursery themes, please leave them in the comments! Thanks for sharing in our happy news. Xoxo!
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