Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our FINAL Master Bathroom Selections!

I already told you barbies about how we finalized our kitchen today, but we also finalized our master bathroom! Just as is the case with the kitchen, it would basically take an act of Congress to change things now, so we can say assuredly that this is what our master bathroom will look like!

We had originally decided to upgrade the master bath tile in a major way, but had been second guessing it because the cost had steadily gotten out of hand. We probably would have gone ahead with it, but today when our Design Consultant pointed out that the tiles we had originally picked wouldn't work with each other due to different thicknesses, we took it as a sign to scrap the idea. That being said, we decided to go with a much more affordable tile combo in the same colors as the original, but not as big or high quality. This saved us several thousand dollars AND freed up some of our tile coupon (an incentive from the builder we received at signing) that we were able to put towards a much better tile in the kitchen and a decorative accent tile in the master bath.

We also received a builder's coupon for free a obscured glass upgrade on the master shower. We would have been fine with the standard clear shower glass, but hey, if it's free, why not? We decided to go with the "rain" pattern, which is depicted below.

Left to Right: our cabinet doors (Thermofoil Brighton Square in Antique White), our granite (golden fiore), our tile, which will be in a checkerboard pattern (Sandalo Serene White and Castillian Grey, 12 x 12), our accent tile (Brixton Bone in a swirl pattern) and our shower door glass (Rain). Our Design Consultant said she thought it looked very calming and serene. I think it looks spa-like! I love it!

Our faucets will look like this. The rest of the house is in oil rubbed bronze, but we kept our master bath chrome because of the grey tile.


Thanks for looking, barbs!

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