Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Foundation is Complete!

This has been absolutely the most action-packed week in our home's construction thus far. Our foundation was started on Tuesday and finished yesterday (with what our neighbor described as "almost 20 trucks working on it at once") and we finalized and signed off on ALL of our interior selections today! We had been working at the Design Studio with our fabulous and super accommodating Design Consultant for months, but today we signed the painfully LONG contract and made it all final. We ended up [unexpectedly] ordering our appliances too. I'll post all about our final kitchen selections, master bath selections and the new appliances later, but this post is all about what holds it all up: our brand new foundation!

The builder dug the footings on Tuesday and Wednesday and then poured them with concrete and metal on Thursday and Friday. We had a huge delivery of cinder blocks on our lot this week too, which will be used to make the crawlspace next week. The builder says that we should be "going vertical" (i.e. starting framing) this week or next!

Here are some pictures of our brand new foundation!

Our future front yard!

Ross writing our initials into the foundation. <3

Our future crawlspace!

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