Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We Broke Ground Today!!!

Finally, the day we've been waiting for is here: we broke ground on our house today! Sure, the lot had already been cleared and graded, permits ordered and blueprints drawn, but today is the first time our house really started to take shape (also, I asked the builder early on what really constitutes "ground breaking" and he said when the footings are dug :] ).

Here are some pictures from the big day, including the debut of the pink hard hat I made for the construction stages of the Barbie Dream House.

Here is the footing for the turret on the front of the house:

Scout exploring the footings:

Gus on our future front porch:

Chalk lines to mark where they need to dig.

More chalk links and iron posts:

So happy! <3


We also got a plans box today!

Our next door neighbor's GORGEOUS house! It was finished about 3 weeks ago. It looked so pretty tonight (especially with their new outdoor uplights) that I couldn't resist this picture.

Looking down our street, with a pretty sunset. :)

My first injury on the job site: a cut from some barbed wire. Let's face it, Barbies weren't engineered for construction sites.

As always, thanks for checking in and sharing in our excitement! We think they will dig the rest of the footings tomorrow and have concrete poured into them by the end of the week. Yay!

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