Monday, August 13, 2012


Our builder promised us three weeks ago that two weeks ago we would have a foundation. It goes without saying that its been three weeks since three weeks ago, and there is still nothing on our lot but a tarp. Foundationless and frustrated, we went to the builder for reassurances last weekend. His excuse was a surprisingly good one: that it has been too rainy to dig footings. We couldn't argue with this, since it's been practically monsooning for a week, but we feel harmless in the face of mother nature's anti-homebuilding wrath.

Now that this blog has almost 16,000 viewers, I was hoping we could all pray/meditate/bargain with the powers that be/do an anti-rain dance in unison in order to convince the clouds to stop drenching our lot. Dramatic? Maybe. Possibility that this will work? Slim. Our eagerness to get out of our tiny little apartment into the Barbie Dream House? INSURMOUNTABLE.

Thanks in advance for working your collective charm on the rain gods for me, barbs. Love you/mean it. <3

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