In case you haven't caught on to this yet, Hubby and I absolutely LOVE to DIY. As an engineer and as his father's son, he's incredibly handy. He can fix anything that ever has a mind to break and can build anything I can imagine (assuming I can articulately describe it to him).

I've always been a crafter/scrapbooker/bow tier/cricutter (not a word)/glitterer (definitely not a word), so anything he creates with metal or wood I can spiffy up into something pretty. When you combine our seemingly useless skills, we end up DIY'ing a lot of things, some of which are good enough to make it to this blog!

Here are some posts I've done on our DIY projects as well as some pictures of our best work.

Click here to see the patio couch that my husband built from scratch for under $60!

Click here to read the tutorial on this DIY chalkboard! We bought an old painting from Goodwill for $6, the chalkboard paint for $3.76 and after about twenty minutes we had a large chalkboard!

Click here to see our DIY console table post. Hubby explains how to easily build a console table for under $100!

Here is the post to our DIY upholstered headboard!

Hubby built our restoration hardware inspired, rustic wooden dining room table from SCRATCH for under $200. Isn't he amazing? I posted about it here.

Click here to see the DIY paver patio and outdoor fireplace that hubby built with his own bare hands:

A DIY Chevron and Burlap picture frame I built for under $5:

My DIY deco mesh wreaths and other wreaths

DIY Chandelier Refinishing

DIY Halloween Mailbox Swag (could be easily duplicated in any other colors for other holidays) 

Some of my other crafts:

DIY grapevine wreath with hydrangeas and burlap. I made two of these for our double front doors. Just pick out two similarly shaped grapevine wreaths from Michael's, tie a burlap bow (I used 5 inch wide, non wired burlap ribbon from Michael's) and arrange the silk florals of your choice on the opposite corner of each wreath for balance. I have less than $25 in BOTH wreaths, so they cost about $12 each!

I made all of these casino themed crafts for my bff's Great Gatsby/casino themed bridal shower at the BDH. The sign is made of wood, which I painted red then painted the word "casino" on. The giant cards are just poster board, where I rounded the edges and drew them like actual aces. The dice are moving boxes, wrapped in inside out wrapping paper with black circles glued to them (hint: use a mixing bowl to trace your circles for better precision! I know I couldn't draw a circle without a mixing bowl to save my life!).

I made this Christmas mantle swag out of garland, deco mesh, ribbon and picks (photo taken at our old rental house):
 I made this for our mantle; I have less than $15 in it!

DIY gift baskets - all you need is a cute bucket, a cricut to make the vinyl letters, gift goodies, cellophane and ribbon.

DIY picture frame, made from a $1 wood frame from Michael's. I added the flower and G and painted. Super easy!

More DIY picture frames, these are cricutted:

We DIY'd these wooden gingerbread men (they're about 4 ft tall) for my step mother-in-law who collects gingerbread men! They were super easy - just plywood, paint and cricutting the buttons and faces.
We've DIY'd these Christmas poles for several people. We just use PVC pipe, red duct tape, plywood, a Christmas ornament and a bow!
Ross & I have made these for lots of ppl

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