Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY Painted Chevron Picture Frame with Burlap Bow Tutorial!

Hello dolls!

Last week, we were featured on the fabulous A Glimpse Inside Blog with a tutorial on how I made a chevron picture frame with it's own burlap bow for under $5! It was easy, cute and super inexpensive, so check out my tutorial below if you're interested in making your own!
The Supplies: 
A wood frame from Michaels ($1 - 2, depending on size, mine was $1) 
Paint in your choice of color(s) (you'll need 2 if you plan on doing the chevron pattern) 
A piece of paper/card stock and a pencil (if you want to trace the chevron pattern onto the frame) 
A medium sized paint brush Burlap ribbon (less than one yard)(available at Michaels, Walmart and Hobby Lobby) 
A flat Christmas ornament (optional) 
A hot glue gun with glue stick 
The Steps: 
1. Paint the frame the color of your choice. If you want to keep the frame all one color, you can skip step 
2 and go straight to step 3. 
2. Using the paper or card stock, trace the chevron pattern with a pencil. The paper helps to ensure you're using straight lines. After tracing, paint along the lines carefully with your second paint color to complete the chevron pattern. If you're anything like me, you won't be able to trace the lines perfectly, but the pattern will still be discernible! 
3. After letting the paint dry and plugging in your trusty glue gun to let it heat up, make a bow out of the burlap. I also used a small scrap of burlap ribbon to tie around the center of the bow to make it extra secure. 
4. Glue the back, center portion of the bow to the frame in the top center, top left, bottom center, or anywhere else you think looks cute! I chose the top center of the frame because my bow was so big. Press it down firmly for a couple seconds to ensure it stays in place. You might also spot on a little glue within the bow to make sure it doesn't come undone. 
5. If you also have a flat ornament you would like to add (now is a great time to get them for 50-75% off) hot glue that wherever you think is appropriate. I got this one in a two pack from Garden Ridge for $1 (50% off)! I love using the fleur de lis and glitter is always welcome in our house. 
6. Don't forget to insert a special photo to make it your own, and voila! You not now have a chevron and burlap picture frame that you can tell everyone you made yourself - and on the cheap! 

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