Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from the BDH Blog

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of the BDH readers who celebrate this day a very merry Christmas. I hope your holiday has been filled with family, friends, Christmas music, sparkly gifts wrapped in small boxes, all of your favorite holiday traditions and of course, the warm glow of your Christmas tree(s). We have certainly had a wonderful first Christmas in the BDH (!!) and send all of our wishes for an equally special holiday to you and your loved ones. Thank you for continuing to read and show your love for this blog - we'll do our best to keep up the fab in 2014 and hopefully will have an exciting new partnership to announce soon!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas is Just Around the Corner!

Hello my merry little barbie doll elves!

I hope you're all hanging in there despite this Christmas madness! Between the tree decorating (which at the BDH is comparable to a year's worth of crossfit workouts), the shopping, the wrapping and the baking, this holiday will wear a girl out! I, for one, am beyond exhausted and am wishing you all good luck as you close out your Christmas duties. For better or worse, we're 9 days away from the fat man coming!

Hang in there barbies -- you'll get it all done -- just remember what the season is all about!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Home Tour!

Hello barbies and welcome to the BDH's 2013 Christmas Home Tour! It's our first Christmas in our first home - what could be more exciting than that?! We'll also include some (good and very bad) outtakes from our Christmas card photo session and will feature some yummy Christmas food photos!
Our house contains 26 Christmas trees total, each of which was highlighted and revealed in the BDH's Christmas Tree Reveal Mini Series posts here:
The tour starts outside our front doors, where we have large deco mesh wreaths that I made, red and white lights that hubby custom engineered last year and hung himself and white lights in several of our permanent and seasonal trees.

In our foyer is our largest tree, a 14 ft artificial tree with all solid red ornaments, nestled into our spiral staircase. The gifts underneath are wrapped in red and white houndstooth wrapping paper. I made the two red, burlap and pine cone swags for the ends of the banister yesterday in about 20 minutes with some spare ribbon and garland I had upstairs. We didn't want to clutter the foyer with garland right behind the huge tree, so the swags are just enough.
 To the right of our foyer is our pink striped formal living room and also our library:
Then we cross the foyer again and head into our formal dining room, which has glittery white and burlap accents and 3 Christmas trees. A full post about the dining room's Christmas decor can be found here.
Then we head into the kitchen, which I decided to do in traditional green and read. I put garland and glittery red and green ornaments into our chandelier and used red and green decor throughout the room.
 Off of our kitchen, our back staircase features a mesh and ribbon garland I made for the space.
Then we drop into our connected sunroom, which we recently converted into a living space from a dining space. This room has two trees, one gold brown and leopard print and one with a rustic mountain theme.

Then we head into our living room, which features a 4 ft tall Nutcracker, our 11 ft main Christmas tree that has red and gold ornaments, a 7 ft red white and peppermint tree, our 7 ft dessert themed tree and of course our stockings and a custom mantle swag I made a couple years ago!

If we head up the spiral staircase, we have several more trees and Christmas decorations on the second floor, all of which have been revealed in the mini series reveal posts that I linked to above. Follow those links to check out in depth photos and posts of the trees upstairs!
On our upstairs hallway, we have 3 identical 6 ft trees with all gold reindeer ornaments and gold balls.
And here are a few outtakes from our Christmas card photo session - some fab and some awful. You win some and you lose some, right? :)

Here are just a couple more of our favorite Christmas decorations:

 We also recently had a small Christmas party for our close family members and neighbors! Here are some of the photos from the Christmas goodies hubby and I made for our guests, including peppermint cupcakes, a teenie weenie wreath, kale salad and other yummy goodies!

 The best photos from this post were all taken by my Aunt, Lisa Warren, who is a professional photographer! She's amazing! If you would like more information about her business, please private message me or comment on this post and I can connect you to her.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas barbies!

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