Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Christmas Trees and 200,000 VIEWS!!

Hello dolls and welcome to the second installment of The BDH Blog's Christmas Tree Reveal Mini Series. Before we get into revealing more themed trees, I have to thank you all for helping the BDH Blog reach 200,000 page views as of last night! Wow! I'm so humbled that you all continue to care about our crazy little life in the BDH. Thank you all for continuing to stop by the site, sharing it with your friends and for leaving so many sweet comments! You guys are too good to be true!

Now, on to the fun part, Christmas tree reveals!

This is our dessert tree and is arguably my favorite tree. It's a 6.5ft flocked tree (the flocking makes the tree look like its covered in icing!) with white normal sized lights and rainbow oversized bulbs. The ornaments are candy related, cupcakes, donuts and tons of ice cream cones! It's just so much fun and always reminds me of my favorite part of the food pyramid!

This theme is new this year but the tree isn't. This 7 ft tall and very wide tree comes from my childhood home. My parents entrusted me with it about 3 years ago and it has been our main Christmas tree every year until this one. It usually has red and gold ornaments (those are our main Christmas colors) but this year those ornaments are going on the 11 ft tree below. This year we turned this tree into something I'd wanted to try for a long time: strictly gold and brown ornaments. It's so rich and one of my favorites (they're all my favorites really!) but we also threw in a little bit of gold and brown leopard print to give it some dimension. You'll also see something new to the Christensen house - mesh ribbon (a hybrid of mesh and ribbon) on this tree and as its topper.

Last but not least, this is our main tree! It's in our family room and is red and gold, our main Christmas colors. These ornaments are not new - they typically went on the 7 ft family heirloom tree above - but this year we put them on this new 11 ft tree since we have such high ceilings in our living room. We snagged this $350 tree at Garden Ridge after Christmas last year 90% off. We couldn't believe we were able to get such a nice, thick and obviously tall tree for $35!! We're very happy with it and happy to make it our main tree. The tree is all red and gold but for some reason looks copper in some of these pictures. I think it's the lighting but will try to do better with some additional photos. The ribbon, which is also very high end, was a gift from my mother in law's sweet best friend who didn't want it anymore. It definitely makes the tree extra special. Thank you Paula!!
 Looking up from the base
Ribbon close up:
As always, thanks for reading barbies and thanks for getting us to 200,000 views! Wow!
Check back in next Wednesday for the next installment of our Tree Reveal Mini Series! xox

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