Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Tree Reveal Wednesday #3!

Hello barbies and welcome to the third installment of the BDH Blog's Christmas Tree Reveal Mini Series! It's been a 12 hour work day plus lots of other craziness, so I'll be brief and let you enjoy some more of our Christmas trees. I'm happy to report that all of our trees are now standing and all but a couple are fully decorated - almost there!!

Here's our peacock themed Christmas tree, another one of my favorites (I say that too often!). It's all purple, emerald green and royal blue. I love the gem tones, although seldom decorate with them for some reason, which is why I was eager to start this tree. I have to say, I started this tree about 3 years ago - before the peacock craze - and am kinda erked that peacock ornaments can be found anywhere and everywhere these days. Whatevs.

This is another favorite, and probably my most intensely decorated tree, the Peppermint Tree! All of the ornaments are peppermint related and I even have peppermint scent to go with it! Fun fact on this one: my grandma loved it so much that about 4 years ago she asked me to completely replicate it for her, so now Mema has a twin tree in her house!

Last but not least, this is our 7 ft solid red tree with all lime green ornaments. It has a sub-theme of polka dots! It's a little crazy, but definitely fun, kinda like my Christmas tree obsession! Oh, and the fab little guy next to the tree is my old pal "Elfie." When I was starting to lose my marbles while studying 18 hours/day for the bar exam, I think I may have had a few intense conversations about the meaning of life with Elfie. Lucky for Elfie, I passed the bar exam on my first try and was able to then put extreme studying behind me.

xox barbies! Thanks for stopping by! Check back in next Wednesday for the 4th round of tree reveals - there's plenty more where these came from!


  1. Seriously, your Christmas trees all make me smile. What a happy house to have for the holidays!! :)

  2. Thanks Nicole! Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!


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