Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Christmas Home Tour!

Hello dolls! I hope everyone had wonderful Thanksgivings - we certainly did. Well, if you've been around the BDH blog long, you know that we're huge Christmas fanatics & that we put up way too many Christmas trees (28 last year!). Of course this year is no different, except we've added a few more - we're up to 32 indoor trees this Christmas - and for the first time in our almost 9 years together, we think we've hit our limit on trees (knowing us, we'll probably still add more next year even though it's just senseless at this point).

For the 3rd consecutive year, we invite you to take a peak into our tree-filled home and our world of Christmas madness. Photos of some of our favorite trees, nutcrackers, wreaths and other Christmas fabulousness are below. We've also included a couple photos from our annual Christmas party and some professional photos taken by my photographer aunt Lisa Warren.  Christmas home tours from 2013 and 2014 can be viewed under the Holiday tab. Merry Christmas dolls! 

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