As you all probably know by now, I'm an absolute holiday fiend. I have a Halloween tree, a Valentine's tree, a Mardi Gras tree and a July 4th tree, but above all else I absolutely live for Christmas. This year at the BDH we will be putting up 26 Christmas trees. We have to start in early November each year to make sure we have them all up by December - it's a lot of work! So in 2013, the BDH Blog is doing a Christmas Tree Reveal Mini Series where we will reveal several of the BDH's trees each Wednesday in November and into December until you dolls have had close-ups and backstories on all 26! Click on any of the green links in this page to see a décor post for that holiday!
Our 2013 Christmas Home Tour!

 The links to each tree reveal are below:
More Christmas Décor and DIY Craft Posts:

BDH Christmas Overview

DIY Christmas Wreaths, DIY Ornament Bowls and DIY Glass Gift Blocks

A list of all of our Christmas trees:
  • A very wide 7ft green tree from my childhood with all red and gold ornaments, red and gold ribbon and mesh,
  • 14 foot tall tree (also from my childhood) with solid red giant ornaments
  • Peppermint Christmas tree (all ornaments are peppermint themed)
  • Dessert tree 7ft (very colorful, features candy, ice cream, cupcake and lollipop ornaments)(this tree is flocked, which gives the look of being covered in frosting)
  • Solid black 7ft tree with all white glittery ornaments (lovingly referred to as "Black Beauty")
  • Solid white 7ft tree with all white glittery ornaments
  • Frozen 7ft looking tree - solid white tree with all silver and light blue ornaments
  • Spode tree - a small white tree with all blue and white china ornaments (matches our china)
  • 5 pink trees - all with all pink ornaments (lipstick, shoes, purses, etc.)
  • Peacock Christmas tree -green 6ft tree with all blue, green and purple ornaments
  • Sentimental tree - 6 ft traditional green tree with ornaments from both of our childhoods
  • Solid red 7ft tree with all lime green and polka dot ornaments
  • Cardinal tree ("red bird tree") - solid green tree with cardinal ornaments (my late grandfather's favorite thing)
  • Solid white 7 ft tree with all iridescent pink, green, purple and silver ornaments and several 8 inch collectible ceramic fairies and fabric butterflies
  • University of Texas tree - 4 ft tall orange and white tree with UT ornaments for Ross's garage
  • 6 ft green tree with nothing but glittery brown ornaments and brown bow
  • 3 identical 6 ft green trees with nothing but gold glittery reindeer ornaments
  • Mardi gras tree - 5 ft tree with mardi gras beads and masks and purple, green, gold ornaments
  • New 11 ft very full green tree we got on sale last year. Not quite sure what to do with it yet. Thinking maybe brown or brown and gold.
  • New 7 ft white tree, pre-lit with rainbow lights. Not sure what to do with it yet but I know it will be crazy!
  • I don't include in the 26 our 2 matching 5 ft tall porch trees since I don't decorate them other than with bows and because they stay outdoor.

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Thanks barbies!

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