Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Tree Reveal Series & Featured!

Hello barbies! I hope you're all having fabulous weeks and enjoying the cooler weather. I have two exciting announcements for you lovely ladies:

First, the BDH Blog (and mostly hubby's amazing handy work on the custom dining room table he built from scratch for us) were featured on a very fabulous, notable blog: Savvy Southern Style ! We're so excited to have been featured on such an amazing blog - thank you so much Kim! It's an honor!

Second, the BDH is launching its first ever Reveal Series!

Beginning today, and continuing every Wednesday until the first week in December, we'll reveal a couple of the BDH's Christmas trees to help get you in the Christmas spirit and inspire you as you begin decorating your own beautiful homes for Christmas! As I wrote about last week in my Christmas Post, we have 26 Christmas trees that we put up each year (this year it might be 27 or 28 - I forgot about buying some last year after Christmas - whoops!). It's a little crazy, but a lot of fun.

We began putting them up this weekend, since it takes almost the full month of November to get them all up and decorated. As of now, we have 24 up, 22 with lights and 10 fully decorated/complete. We still have a long way to go, but getting them all standing  and "fluffed" as I like to say, is the hardest part, and we're mostly done with that at least. Enough with the jibber jabber, here are the first BDH Christmas tree reveals!

These photos were taken in our formal living room. These are matching 7 ft trees from Garden Ridge, just in different colors. The pink tree features mostly bow ornaments and pig ornaments (I love pigs!). It used to also have shoe and purse ornaments but I've broken those off into separate mini-trees now. I have a 4 ft tree with nothing but shoe ornaments (its going to be in my shoe closet this year!) and one with purse ornaments, featured later in this post.

This tree features iridescent ornaments in pastel colors and 6-8 inch fairies. It's a little cheesy, overly girly and a little juvenile, but I just had to do something in these colors. These photos really don't do it justice - I'll try to get better ones soon.


This mini tree on the left is my 4ft pink purse tree - most of the ornaments are purses!

In the back of the house in our new rustic, casual sunroom, I've started this tree for the first time. It's mountain themed, with moose, bear, squirrel, sleigh, antler, pine cone and sled ornaments and berry picks. The bows are done with the cutest burlap ribbon with reindeer painted on it that I snagged at Michael's last weekend. I decided to do this one in honor of our two mothers, who, despite being very different in most ways, both have special ties to the mountains. My mom went to college at Appalachian and thus has special ties to Boone, NC, and my mother-in-law grew up in the Adirondack mountains and has a summer house there.  I also assembled three rustic looking pole trees I already had around the base with a stuffed moose to complete the vibe. Shout out to my amazing mama who bought me several of these ornaments last weekend!

Lastly, here's a little preview to next Wednesday. These are some of my favorite ornaments from my dessert themed tree, which is 6.5ft, flocked (which makes it look like its covered in icing) and adorned with candy, ice cream, cupcake and donut ornaments! Check back in next Wednesday for this yummy tree and several others.

Thanks for reading barbies and again, a special thanks to Kim from Savvy Southern Style for the feature! Check back in every Wednesday for new Christmas tree reveals and be sure to pin what you like on pinterest!

Thanks barbies! xox!

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