Friday, November 1, 2013

A Barbie Halloween!

Hello Halloween Barbies!

I hope you all had a blast yesterday celebrating the holiday. We were so excited to spend our first Halloween at the BDH! I wore a Tooth Fairy costume and hubby went as a tooth, complete with a crown. Some of our best friends dropped in to see us as did several of our fab neighbors while trick-or-treating with their little ones. We made spider cupcakes (shown below in my Williams Sonoma spider cupcake holders courtesy of my mama) and pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing. The cookies weren't very popular but the cupcakes went fast. I've included a couple of my favorite shots from last night below. I have so many absolutely adorable photos of our neighbors' kids, but hesitate to post them without the parents' permission. Take my word though, they were beyond presh.

 Here are our babies showing off their costumes. Aren't they cuties?
 Snacks (with a husband photo bomb):

With some of our favorite friends & my mama:

 With some of our favorite neighbors:
 Me in my tooth fairy costume:
Scout the cowboy taking a snooze:
 Apple cider:

Also, we've really started to notice this week how beautiful the trees are now that they're changing colors for fall. Here's a photo of the natural area across the street from our house with no filter. Aren't they gorgeous?

As a HUGE fan of chocolate and dressing up, I really enjoy Halloween, but this year was extra special because it was our first in the BDH and we got to see so many of our favorite people. I have to give Halloween its props, but I am BEYOND ECSTATIC that now, at least in our household, Christmas decorating can officially begin! As I wrote about in my latest post about my Christmas obsession, my 26 (or actually possibly 27 or 28 now - we found a few Christmas trees in storage yesterday that I didn't remember buying last year - whoops) Christmas trees take awhile to put up, so we typically start in early November to make sure we have them all up in time. This November we have a TON going on, plus we hardly had a Christmas last year due to the BDH not being done, so we're starting tomorrow! I'm so excited!!

Lastly, click this link if you're interested in reading about the family from Cypress, TX where hubby and I used to live that has helped inspire (read: exacerbate) my Christmas obsession. They founded the Christmas d├ęcor line Round Top Collection, which I absolutely love, but what's even better is how they fill their home with 12 amazing Christmas trees, most of which are professionally decorated and several of which are antiques. The entire house is absolutely breathtaking, especially the foyer which features a giant sled (see photo below courtesy of Fort Bend Lifestyle magazine)! Swoon. The best part is that they start decorating in mid-October, which makes me feel just a little less crazy. :)

As always, thanks for reading barbs! Stay tuned for Christmas tree pics!! xox


  1. This looks like an amazing new home construction. I would want to live in a house like this.

  2. Thanks for the sweet compliment and for stopping by Nancy!


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