Sunday, June 22, 2014

DIY Patio Sofa!

Hello summer barbies!

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying this sunshine. We've been really busy, between work, my sister's wedding and volunteering, but when we can scrape together some time we've been trying to perfect our new patio that we just DIY'd (full post here). 
We've added some new plants - cold weather palm trees - because I wanted it to feel tropical. We already had several tropical flowering plants and white hydrangeas (my favorites). We've also added a few decorations, inlcuding new lanterns that are solar powered and automatically come on at night, which I love.

Last, and most importantly, hubby built us an outdoor sectional couch!

We thought about buying one, but like always, the one I wanted was too expensive. So again, like always, I gave my handy husband an idea of what I wanted and he recreated it for less than $60 in wood! We already had the 4x outdoor paint from when we painted the patio border toppers, so it would have been a very inexpensive project... if it weren't for me spending way too much on the cushions. My bad.
I originally thought I would make the cushions myself using foam from Joann, fabric and a staple gun (kinda like our headboard that we DIY'd in 2012), but was concerned that the quality wouldn't be great. I justified my decision because the 2 inch thick foam from Joann is really expensive, even with a coupon, but I'm pretty sure these cushions would have been less expensive to DIY. Whatever. I love how they look and the project overall still saved us a ton of money when compared to buying the couch.
Here are some more pictures of Ross's handywork this time - isn't he talented?! 

I've also included some photos of the patio as a whole. Aside from fixing the hot tub, I think we're pretty much done with our patio! 

As always, thanks for reading dolls! I appreciate you guys!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Perfect Day for a Beach Wedding

Hello barbies!

I apologize for my absence lately, I've been super busy with work and more importantly, helping my beautiful little sister plan for her dream beach wedding!

The wedding was May 25th at North Topsail Beach in North Carolina. She got married right on the sand - barefoot - and the reception was at a beachfront house my parents rented for the week. The house was amazing - it slept 40 people and is one of the biggest on Topsail Island with lots of very cool design features. The coolest part of the house's role in the wedding was the use of the pool as a dance floor. My dad paid to have a man construct a glass dance floor to cover the pool! With the pool lights on underneath, we really were walking on water... it was breathtaking.

Wasn't my sister beautiful too? Her dress was a lace, fitted mermaid design with cloth buttons going all the way down the back and a silk sash with beaded applique. The almost 7ft tall groom (he's a professional basketball player) wore an especially large Vera Wang tux.

Her colors were mint green and gray, flowers were white hydrangeas with hibiscus (the groom is Austrailian) and she incorporated a lot of chalkboards with cute phrases.

How beautiful was her wedding?
beach bridedavid's bridal meadow

topsail beach
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