Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Master Bedroom Concept

Yesterday, in the wake of all this progress, I realized our house may be finished this century. Then I thought 'damn, I haven't even really begun to think of what our master bedroom is gonna look like,' so then I got to thinking...

All I knew is that I wanted it to be calm and peaceful.

Rewind to about a year ago when I saw a red and white toile comforter, loved it, then never bought it and have regretted it ever since. Since that day, I've trolled bedding aisles in all of my favorite stores looking for it or something like it, to no avail. I think about it often (#whitneyproblems) with longing, but today I realized that it's probably for the best. Nothing is LESS peaceful and calm than the busiest patterned fabric ever (toile) in red, of all colors. I don't know for sure, but sleeping under red toile would probably give you headaches or nightmares... or both. To any men who might read my blog (god bless you), this is red and white toile:

Get it now?

Now that I've had my epiphany and decided to move on beyond toile, I've gone off the deep end in the other direction. I decided today - and I think this idea is going to stick - that our master should be all creams and whites, with touches of solid (not patterned) black as an accent. I might also throw in the (very) occasional blush pink accent too, but I'm not sure yet.

I also want an upholstered cream colored headboard, with buttons. A canopy bed (either traditional or creatively engineered by my creative engineer husband) would also be nice and I think it would add to the tranquility. A chandelier (maybe gold, maybe white, maybe ORB) is a must, but that's the one thing I've always known the room would need. The bedroom chandelier is one of the only chandeliers I didn't order through the builder already because I had no idea what I would do in our bedroom. We're also gonna need lots of accent pillows - duh - probably in either silky black or black with sequins. I already a bought a cream, rolled arm bench for the foot of the bed, which should be perf.

Here are some rooms that are all really close to what I'm thinking, many of which have engineered canopies:

Here are some pillows that would work:

Some curtain options (I think I'm leaning towards cream, since it should be the main color):

A rolled arm bench almost just like the one I bought (mine is a little lighter though):
My top chandelier choice so far, only $139 from (one of my favorite lighting sites):
The paint in the room, Sherwin Williams Sands of Time:
White hydrangeas (my favorite) will probably appear somewhere in this mix:

Thanks for looking barbs!


Making Progess - AND LOVING IT!

Finally, after five long months, our house seems to be on an unstoppable productivity kick. We got footings, then the foundation, then the frame, then the roof, then the walls, then the windows, then the green wrap and now the shingles, all back to back to back, if not almost simultaneously. After months of hearing "is your house, like, ever gonna be built?" and "I feel really bad for you that they're like, not building your house, ever" and "when's it gonna be done? 2015?" we're finally getting a few "wow - it's really coming along"s! Yay! In fact, my blogging has barely been able to keep up with it all.

With all that being said, we've been cautioned by the builder that things are about to stall... for awhile. His exact words were something like "things will be happening, you just won't be able to notice." Whatever. Eye roll. Building a house from the ground up is kinda noticeable. That might be code for they're planning on taking a vacation. Who knows, but we're mentally preparing to lose our long awaited and hard earned spot in the fast lane.

The construction schedule says that after shingles we should get our plumbing, electrical and HVAC next, along with the three inspections they require. I guess that is kinda boring and unnoticeable. Ugh. But as soon as that's done, we're supposed to get drywall! My mom is on standby for that very special day, because that's when (in my book) we can start measuring for (and she can start sewing) our curtains! Now that's not boring!

Long story short, I'll keep you updated on the boring stuff, but keep your fingers crossed that the fun stuff (i.e. drywall) will happen sooner rather than later!

Here are some pictures taken from several nights over the last week or so:

 I'm in love with the curves in our street
crazy husband...
 kitchen and breakfast room:

On Monday we got green wrap, doors and windows!

 inside the turret:
 I was able to see the upstairs for the first time Tuesday since they just added stairs! Here's our master bath, which is the feature that totally sold me on the house and probably the best part. Love it already!
 Our master bedroom and master sitting room
 The back of the house, now with windows, doors and green wrap!
 Back door!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Roofing and Rainstorms at the Barbie Dream House

If you live anywhere near Raleigh, you're fully aware that it's been raining like crazy here for what feels like FOREVER. This is great if you sleep well in rain storms or have a garden, but not so great if you're building a house, particularly one that's currently roofless.

That being said, at least we can report that we're not as roofless as we used to be. On Sunday, the first roof beams started going up. Today (Tuesday) almost all of the roof beams are now up AND plywood covers a lot of them! There's also some silver stuff that looks kinda like tin foil under it, which is very cool. Obviously, the house isn't even remotely watertight yet, which means there's standing whatever everywhere. This scares me. Patti, my super common sense coworker (who also has a ton of experience building houses) assures me that the wood is waterproof and treated, but it's still scary.

Here are the pictures we took today:

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