Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Roofing and Rainstorms at the Barbie Dream House

If you live anywhere near Raleigh, you're fully aware that it's been raining like crazy here for what feels like FOREVER. This is great if you sleep well in rain storms or have a garden, but not so great if you're building a house, particularly one that's currently roofless.

That being said, at least we can report that we're not as roofless as we used to be. On Sunday, the first roof beams started going up. Today (Tuesday) almost all of the roof beams are now up AND plywood covers a lot of them! There's also some silver stuff that looks kinda like tin foil under it, which is very cool. Obviously, the house isn't even remotely watertight yet, which means there's standing whatever everywhere. This scares me. Patti, my super common sense coworker (who also has a ton of experience building houses) assures me that the wood is waterproof and treated, but it's still scary.

Here are the pictures we took today:


  1. Construction in the rain ain't pretty. I've seen and been in it days after, it's not something that you want to get caught up in. Especially when the roofing is last to come and mother nature just decided to go everywhere all over the Earth.

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  3. I've been to Raleigh and yes I've experienced the rain that seems to never stop. Good to know you guys are coping up. Roofing is really a very important part of the home especially when rainy season or snow comes.

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