Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Framing Continues... Expeditiously!

First off, sorry I've been lagging on the posts lately. It's a very busy season at work - I've been going to a lot of political fundraisers at night - so my blogging time has kinda been infringed upon. That being said, things at our lot have been going faster than ever. For once we can't complain about the pace. They did the first floor framing last week, continued to work through the weekend (although rain interrupted a few times) poured the garage floor Monday, framed the first floor ceiling Tuesday, and yesterday they started framing the upstairs! Here are the pictures from the weekend and earlier this week:

Standing in our foyer looking into our living room:

Our family room wall, before it went up:

Ross with his garage - all smiles:

First floor frame, now with the garage framed:

All of our materials scattered down the street. Sorry drivers!

The back left of the house (from closest to furthest: our casual dining room, kitchen, laundry room and garage):

The back of the first floor:

Looking at the house from the right side on the day the second floor started going up:

Tonight we attended a Hasentree social. None of our favorite nearby neighbors were there, but we met some great new people from other parts of the subdivision. It was really nice! Because we were in a hurry to get to the event, we had to rush this shot (so its not in the normal location). When we came back afterwards, it was already dark so we couldn't take anymore pictures.

We're so excited to have a second floor! I couldn't get upstairs since there's no staircase, and well, let's face it: I'm no athlete, but Ross climbed some beams to get up there and said it was really cool. I can't wait to get a staircase so that we unathletic barbies can see the view from the top!

Thanks for looking barbs! I'll post more pictures this weekend. We're supposed to get a roof in the next few days!


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