Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kitchen Updates, Chevron, Tree Reveal and Another Great Feature!

Happy Sunday barbies! Since hubby was in Texas yesterday visiting family and I went on a very fun shopping road trip with my mom and her bff, today is a day for catching up, cleaning up and hopefully finishing all of the Christmas trees at the BDH. Later today one of my best friends who is visiting from out of state is going to come by, which makes it a good day around here.

Before we dive into house projects today, I have to share some exciting news - the BDH was featured this week for our dining room table that hubby built - this time on the fabulous site ! Major thank you to Knock Off Decor for featuring hubby's handy work! My favorite part is that the author, Beckie, uses the word "woof" just like I do! Y'all go check out the article, which for now is at the top of the home page, but can forever be found here.

Also, I have to share my new little treasure for our kitchen - it's a geometric patterned, vintage black and cream tray that I picked up on my shopping adventure yesterday for... wait for it... $12!! I'm in love with it! I also picked up this cute chevron vase at Hobby Lobby (the nearest one is an hour away, but it was worth the drive! I used to have 3 Hobby Lobbies within 5 minutes of my house so I need to get my fix every now and then) for $7! I'm still waiting for my chevron fabric to come in the mail so I (or my mom) can sew me a chevron table runner. Will post pics when it's complete!

 Funny story about chevron by the way, my not so trend-savvy mom and dad were debating the meaning of the term chevron after being mystified by hearing me use it a few times yesterday, and my mom said to my dad "Did you know chevron isn't just a term for the gas station?" to which he replied in complete seriousness "yeah, it's also an oil company." They kill me!

Also, although its not Wednesday, I'm going to reveal my black and white Christmas tree because it's peaking into the photo, and because its a longtime fave. She's 7 ft tall, solid black with all white ornaments and a black and white damask bow as a topper. Her nickname is Black Beauty, which started as a joke but stuck, the way all bad temporary nicknames (including the Barbie Dream House) somehow manage to do.

I've also included a few shots of our black and cream / black and white kitchen so you can get a feel for the whole space (especially since we keep changing it!).

Oh, and last but not least, how positively ADORABLE are these Santa chair covers?! They're another treasure from our shopping trip yesterday, mom actually spotted them, and guess how much they were? $1 each! They're from the Dollar Tree of all places if you want to go pick some up.
Oh, and for those who keep messaging me, our kitchen granite is colonial gold granite / colonial cream granite (there doesn't seem to be a real difference between the two so the two terms are often used interchangeably).
Thanks for stopping by barbies. Be sure to check back in Wednesday, for our second installment of the Christmas Tree Reveal Mini Series! If you're keeping track, so far we've revealed 5 of the Christmas trees at the BDH, so we have at least 21 more to go! xox!

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  1. Love all your gorgeous trees and decor, and all the chevron too... your parents crack me up :) lol


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