Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easter Decorating!

Hello barbies and HAPPY SPRING!

At the BDH we are beyond ecstatic that Spring has sprung. I don't know if it's because of the 4 separate ice storms this winter in NC (which is about 4 more than in a normal year) or us missing Texas's warm weather, or both, but we're extra happy to usher in the sunshine. I planned on celebrating the first day of Spring with some time outside, but ended up working a 13 hour day on Thursday so that plan was scrapped, but I made up for lost time doing lost of yard work with hubby outside this weekend. I'm usually not a manual labor type of gal (understatement of the century) but I was so sunshine-starved that I didn't mind.

In addition to the much needed time outside, I pulled out all of my little Easter bunnies to get the house ready for Easter! The pics are below - how do you dolls celebrate Easter?

First and foremost, I couldn't resist putting our precious little pekingese Toula in her bunny costume. This little bunny melts our hearts.

Here's our first ever 7 ft Easter tree, filled with eggs, bunnies and ears on top. :)





These bunny bar stool covers have become a running joke with my mom and I. They're cheesy as can be, but too funny to resist at this point, and for some reason I'm kinda obsessed with them.



 I may have over done it with the eggs, but there's so much you can do with them!

The bunny banner above was a gift from one of my favorite ladies - she's incredibly crafty - don't you love it?!

Also, I celebrated my birthday last week! It was perfect - I took the day off and spent it with my mom and hubby at the mall shopping. Then, over the weekend, several friends and I had drinks at Big Easy in downtown Raleigh (and the service was HORRIBLE - the worst I'd ever experienced - every staffer we encountered was incredibly rude to us) then headed to the Oxford and Neptune's Parlour (much better experiences at these two). Here was my (first) outfit - I chose a pink pencil skirt and simple white crop top.

Here are some photos from my birthday celebration and my actual birthday:

Thanks for reading Easter barbies!

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