Sunday, January 19, 2014

Outdoor Living Areas Inspiration

Hello barbie dolls!

Hubby and I have been thinking hard about what to do with our big empty back yard lately. We've been thinking critically about a pool -- which we would both kill for -- but have hesitations with the cost and its reliability as an investment (ps - being an adult sucks because you have to think about these things!).

We've also been thinking about adding a hot tub, an outdoor fireplace or pit (I'm leaning toward a fireplace, of course, since it's more expensive), a patio, outdoor dining (preferably a very long table a la Khloe Kardashian's) and/or an outdoor kitchen as more cost friendly and DIY friendly options. We love pavers for the patio and the stone look on virtually everything else. Below are some pictures we've been drawing inspiration from. Aren't these some beautiful spaces?!

Thanks for reading! xox barbies!

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