Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our FINAL Kitchen Selections and Drawings!

As I alluded to in my last post about our new foundation, this week was also exciting because we were able to finalize and sign off on ALL of our interior selections. This major contract included every piece of granite, every cabinet, every light fixture, every paint color, every tile, every carpet and hardwood and even our plumbing fixtures. Needless to say, it was a painstaking process and a somewhat tense situation reviewing the bulky contract for errors. Luckily for us we had a very meticulous and intelligent design consultant, so everything was recorded exactly how we wanted it, but still, it's a little overwhelming.

Tenseness behind us, it's time to reveal our kitchen... or at least our kitchen samples! There's no way we can change these now (without paying a $500 change fee) so we can say with the utmost confidence that this is EXACTLY what our kitchen in our first home will look like! Am I making too big a deal of this? Probably, but you've got to remember we're first-timers (AND that we're living in a tiny, awful little apartment in the interim).

The piece on the far right is a sample of our granite edge profile, aka the cut of our granite around the edges. This is an upgraded cut called "waterfall." Our granite type is different, but this is a good representation of the way it will be cut.

Most of our kitchen samples! Left to right: island cabinet ( Yorktowne Springhill Square Maple Full Overlay in java), perimeter kitchen cabinet (same as island, just in antique white), backsplash tile (I forgot what it's called but it was a big upgrade that we used our coupon on and it's BEAUTIFUL!), our granite (Colonial Gold) and our accent tile (I also forgot what it's called, but it's beautiful too... and Ross picked it out!).

We'll have a drawer just like this. It's 36 inches wide! Not sure what the width is meant to be used for but I'm sure we'll find something!

Our spice rack cabinet. This upgrade came at a small cost but Ross really wanted it. :)

These are what our pots and pans drawers will look like. They were also a small upgrade but they're really cool - they're designed specifically to hold your pots and pans.

Our exact oven hood! I'm in LOVE! This was a splurge but we got it at a great price thanks to a coupon and our creative and cooperative design consultant!

Our lazy susan. This wasn't an upgrade; it came standard.

Here's the real magic! Our cabinet, our backsplash, our accent tile and our granite together!!! Ross picked out this accent tile and I think it's going to be one of the prettiest things in our house! It would have been super expensive because it's the highest level accent tile upgrade BUT we freed up a lot of our tile coupon and tile budget when we opted out of the major master bath tile upgrades. Isn't it gorg?

The entire combo again (use your imagination to cut out the other granite our granite is sitting on - lol).

Our kitchen sink in oil rubbed bronze by Kohler, also an upgrade, but we had to have the "ORB" in the kitchen. lol.

A big slab of our granite - Colonial Gold.

A close up of our backsplash tile. This was also a major upgrade, but we were able to use our tile coupon on it. It's very porous and super textured. There are good pictures of it installed above (taken at the studio in one of the model kitchens). LOVE it!

A side view of our super fancy backsplash tile. You can really see how textured and dynamic it is here.

A drawing of our kitchen after we expanded the island but before we added the glass cabinets to the end of it. We're so excited!!!


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