Thursday, August 23, 2012

A New Blogger's Favorite Blogs!

Although relatively new to the blogging scene, I have a few blogs that I can tell are the real deal. Here's a list of my most beloved blogs, covering topics as diverse as weight loss to baking, and lawyering to home decorating:
This woman recently built and decorated one of the most gorgeous homes I've ever seen. Although I don't know her, I can tell from her blog that our design taste has a lot of overlap (read: we're both OBSESSED with blue & white china!).
One of my funniest friends(/possibly my funniest friend) has a blog about weightloss, life and whatever else traffics his crazy mind. Not only is it hilarious, I think it's really refreshing to hear a male's perspective on weight/fitness/nutrition. Also, he has an extensive writing background, so you don't have to dodge annoying typo's or grammar mishaps like you do in some blogs.
I love this highly satirical law blog ALWAYS (I got hooked on it in law school), but this post is especially relevant to my life/hilarious, as it examines the things women have to give up to work in the law.
This is my friend Shannon's FABULOUS food blog! Great writing, amazing pictures + delicious looking food. Yum!
This is my sister-in-law's lifestyle blog, which centers mostly around fashion and make-up. She's a very fashionable gal, so her advice is certainly worth taking (particularly in the upscale make-up arena, which I trust her on empirically).
I found this gem by clicking on a pin on pinterest - and I'm glad I did! In my opinion, this home DIY blog could practically double as a female empowerment blog. From carpentry to mechanics, this woman has DIY'd her entire house, power tools in hand. Ross, who is already super handy, even reads her blog for home DIY construction help!

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