Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Barbie Dream House's Crawlspace is DONE!

Much to our surprise and sheer excitement, our house started going UP this week! This marks the first step in the vertical construction of the house. :)  We were surprised they started it so quickly, since they just finished the foundation on Friday and Toll always seems to take a break between steps (which is annoying). Also, it was raining cats and dogs all weekend and on Monday, so we figured it would need to dry up a little bit before they could start building upwards. However it happened that we got our crawlspace this week, we'll take it! Here are some pictures of the progress, including the FINISHED crawlspace as of Friday! We should start framing and base flooring next week or the week after! Yay!

Our Crawlspace as of Tuesday Night:

Our Crawlspace as of Wednesday:

Our Crawlspace as of Friday - COMPLETE:


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