Monday, October 22, 2012

Staircases are in!

Great news barbs: we got our staircases last week! Although we first noticed them last Tuesday, I haven't yet had the chance to blog about them because I've been super busy, partially due to a few DIY projects (including the BDH's curtains!!) that tied me up all weekend. I'll blog allllll about the curtains later - I'm SO happy with how they're turnnig out, btw - but now I turn my focus to our newest construction items: the spiral staircase in the foyer and our other staircase further back in the house!

It's no secret that the spiral staircase is one of the biggest reasons we decided on our floorplan. I've blogged about our desire for a super ornate foyer here and elsewhere around the BDH blog. Needless to say, the spiral staircase's first appearance was a big moment for us. Here she is, in all her unfinished glory:


Here's the view of it as you enter the house:

Here's our other staircase. It has three linear sections, the first/lowest of which you can see in this picture. This one will be in the back of the house, connecting the kitchen/hearth room area to the upstairs hallway, right by our master. I've been referring to it as the "Ross midnight pizza expressway." :)

Yay staircases! Now we're just hoping that our builder "builds" on this momentum and keeps right on moving. We need electrical and HVAC next, then we can go to drywall, afterwhich all of the pretty stuff can start coming in. :)

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