Wednesday, February 27, 2013

100,000 Views! Thank you Barbies!

I can't begin to tell you all how much it means to me that the BDH blog has just crossed the 100,000 view mark! Your love, support and interest in our house journey is so incredibly moving & humbling. <3

I never fancied myself a blogger, especially since this site was really just initially intended for keeping our out-of-state loved ones updated on the house progress, so the fact that it has found such a wide audience has been a wonderful surprise.


I really wish I had done something fabulous for you all to honor this fun milestone, but I've been incredibly busy at work and also have been swamped by our lender flooding us with last minute requests since our loan is in underwriting (they want an arm, a leg, your first born son and tax documentation for all of the above to give you a loan these days). I'll keep thinking of the proper way to honor the occasion, but until then I hope you'll enjoy these photos of the BDH from the past week. Now that we're THIRTEEN DAYS from moving in/closing, the BDH is now just undergoing a few finishing touches.

Here's our doorbell that we ordered online. The house came with one, believe it or not, but it was small and whitish/clear and definitely didn't fit the outside decor, so we ordered this one! We love how big and vintage it looks (I wish I had a picture of it outside the plastic).

The media room has finally been painted red!

The master closets have been painted pink! I really hoped it would be a lighter, more subdued pink than this, but this is how it came out. We're toying with the idea of putting a thin coat of paint over it down the road to calm it down a little.

Our pantry got shelves!

Nothing has really changed much with the kitchen, but we did finally order our island chandelier (see below). We had been stalking this one for literally almost a year, but finally bit the bullet last weekend (all this money we've had to save up to buy light fixtures for our brand new home really frustrates me about Toll Brothers... I can't believe they don't give you electricity and fixtures in every room). Thankfully we were able to get a great deal on it through Amazon because the box is reportedly damaged, but the chandelier is supposed to be fine. We'll see when it gets here. Hopefully we're good!

Our LG cranberry washer and dryer showed up!

Our fabulous neighbors invited us over last weekend and we snapped this photo of the house. Love a new angle!

 I love the stain color!

The inside of our new refrigerator that showed up this week! It's pretty normal/standard, but still exciting!
 The fridge again.

Here's the lot graded, with a big pile of mulch ready to go for cool landscapey stuff. :)

Thanks again for all of your love and support barbies! It means so much. xox!

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