Monday, February 11, 2013

The BDH is positively glowing :)

As the BDH is coming into her own [and possibly also due in part to her new found electricity] she's positively glowing! Hubby and I went out to visit twice this weekend - once in the day and once at night - and we were just marveled at how far everything has come over the past few weeks. I'm not usually a night person, and maybe this sounds cheesy, but it just felt so special to be in the house at night with all of the lights on... as if it's finally a real house. Enough of the girly mush, here are some pictures of the BDH from this weekend.

I had been visualizing this chandelier shining through that window for MONTHS (and it was even prettier than I'd imagined).


Brand new shutters! The other windows are anxiously awaiting theirs.

This is our back staircase banister... in all it's weirdness. I'm thinking the banister guy may have been drunk or feeling especially artistic on this one. It adds character I guess? lol

Probably my favorite view in the house.

The arches are in the process of getting molding. Loving it so far. Ross says its his favorite part of the house.

Looking into the master bath. I wish the cardboard wasn't covering the checkered tile work.

A hubby & Whitney selfie in our master bath mirror! :)

Master bath again. Clothes closet on the left. Shoe closet on the right.

Upstairs hallway.

Kitchen at night!

Brand new (as of Saturday) cooktop backsplash (sans grout at this point)

The kitchen! We ordered our island chandelier outside the builder, so it won't be there until we move in.

Ross's truck in the driveway!! NOW it feels like home. :)

Even the garages are glowing :)

Looking up at the upstairs hall at night

Looking in through the front door :) :) :)

Oh, and hubby and I got a TON done for the BDH this weekend too. We bought two chandeliers, one fan and lots of miscellaneous other house stuff we needed this weekend. Since not every room came with lighting we've had to purchase some of our own outside Toll. Finding the right fixtures is kinda urgent though, since we don't want to move in and have black spaces. Since we have SO many expenses in this last month before we close, we've put all of our usual splurges on hold. We're not really going out to dinner, buying clothes (which is hard for me) or doing any extras. We have furniture, light fixtures and a fence to buy!

Here is Ross with our new chandelier. We picked it up in Garner from an electrician who pulled it out of another house where the owner had him install a $5,000 Swarovski chandelier in it's place! We got it for a steal and it was just what I was looking for! Oh, and hubby is so good to me that he offered to bring it inside and hold it up in the formal living room so that I could see what it would look like. <3

We also bought this guy. He wanted a fan above the master bed, I wanted a chandelier, so we decided we would need to find a compromise... a "fandelier" if you will. Despite several people telling me they didn't exist, we found this! This fab fandelier is marital compromise symbolism at its finest. Oh, and it was on sale! Apparently the fandelier demand is low right now. I'm toying with the idea of hanging a few crystals from it in the future.

We also FINALLY found the right chairs for our hearth room, which up until this point was on track to be one big empty space when we move in. We had been looking forevvvverrrrr for these and finally found some we could agree on. Ross wanted big, comfy and tall and I wanted linen and wingback. You could imagine how hard it would be to find that crazy combo. We're very happy with these and are relieved to have one more room of furniture checked off. We didn't buy the table pictured here, because we have something else in mind for that spot, although it did go pretty well.

Oh, and last but SO not least, we bought a chair for my clothes closet! I had a gift card to Homegoods and had been trolling for the right closet chair for awhile, to no avail. This guy was perfect though! I'm so excited! PS - Doesn't hubby look thrilled? He's such a trooper. Every barbie needs a man confident enough in his masculinity to carry a pink damask chair across a parking lot for his wife. 

On that note, thanks for reading barbies. You're the best readers a girl could ever ask for! xox


  1. OMG Whitney, I just stumbled across your blog and I am loving watching all your house progress. It is seriously beautifulllll. Is it around here? I can't wait to see it totally finished!

  2. Hi Whitney i was wondering whats the style of the fan you bought?


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