Monday, April 1, 2013

Moving into the Barbie Dream House!!

Greetings from INSIDE the BDH, barbies!

I am so happy to announce that we closed on our house last week! We experienced several delays and setbacks and ultimately missed our March 12th closing date, which was hard, but all that matters is that we're in our dream home now!

I apologize for being a neglectful blogger lately, but there was a lot of packing, moving, unpacking and decorating (in that order) that needed to happen as of late. We're really happy with the progress we've been able to make in such a short time, which was only possible thanks to all of the help from family and friends and saving up our vacation days for this very purpose. THANK YOU SO MUCH friends and family that have helped, especially my parents and the Fenlons, who did most of the heavy lifting (literally).

We've unpacked about 95% of the boxes, have beds assembled & decorated (in varying degrees) in all of the bedrooms, our living room is mostly in tact (minus the back-ordered arm chair scheduled to deliver in two weeks) and our kitchen is done! The garage is a hot mess, as are my closets (see picture below), but to quote one of my favorite people, Lauren Goyarts, "that's why they make 30 year mortgages."

Two rooms aren't furnished yet - the dining room and the media room. The way we figure it, those two rooms will be the most expensive to complete, so we're trying to pace ourselves with the big expenses. For the time being however, the dining room is serving as a fabulous "miscellaneous boxes that we've yet to unpack" storage spot. Whitney of a few weeks ago would have cringed at the idea of such a fabulous, formal space taking on such a yucky purpose, but Whitney of today is in such a blissful, calm, thankful person that it just rolls right off the back.

Seriously, we've never been so happy. It feels so good to have all of our stuff in one place (as opposed to in a tiny apartment, a storage unit, my parents' house and everywhere in between). We've found so many long lost treasures, including: countless outfits (about 2/3rds of my clothes were in storage), our wedding albums, my favorite spray on bronzer (which has now been discontinued), our cornhole boards, Gus's entire wardrobe, my baking supplies (all I've had for the last 11 months was a muffin pan :/ ) and lots of Ross's tools, to name a few.

Several of our amazing new neighbors have dropped in as have a whole slew of family and friends, including friends from Houston, Charlotte and Boone! It's been a real treat.

Ross has hung 8 of the 11 chandeliers we purchased seperately for the house and has done a fabulous job (see pictures below). He's electrocuted himself twice already, despite my many reminders for him to cut off electricity in the rooms before installing. Thanks to Culley, Todd and Phil for helping with the chandeliers!

We couldn't be happier - we're seriously on cloud 9. Here are a few pictures of last week's events. More posts to come! Specifically, I plan on doing a seperate post on each room as they draw near completion.

xox barbies!

Gus looking out over his kingdom

Our nightstands are back-ordered - I swear this room wasn't designed for lamps in the windows!

My favorite girls in my kitchen = bliss!

The Hasentree security patrol - one of my favorite parts of the neighborhood!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of my Saturday night accessories after I'd layed them out.

Crafting by the fire!

The shoe closet needs a LOT of work still.

Brand new spring/summer wreaths I made for the BDH's front doors.

Mom and Dad got me this bistro set for my birthday and our fabulous neighbors gave us this plant as a house warming gift!

Of course my Texan hubby has to hang a Texas star :)

Home <3


  1. Great pictures Whitney. It looks so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. congrats whitney! your house is beautiful!

  3. I can see that you’re really serious about taking the ideas of the kitchen design in the photos and I can see that you did a great job with that. I saw what became of your kitchen redecoration and all I can do is admire your successful redo. Your kitchen cabinets are pretty light in color and I hope that you’ll enjoy your stay there. :)

    + Mirian Noonan +


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