Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dining Room Makeover!

Hello barbies!

I'm so delighted to report that we've finished our dining room makeover! We started over two weeks ago and thought we would be able to finish it in a weekend - boy were we wrong. With a TON of measuring and taping (we went through 8 roles of painters tape!), painting the walls twice (once white for the lines and then gray over it), painting the tray ceiling, hand stringing crystals for the chandelier and adding full wainscoting to the room - it was quite the undertaking!

My handy hubby, who also built our Restoration Hardware inspired dining room table himself for under $150, did the wainscoting himself in about 3 hours. Our builder charged $1500 for a room of wainscoting and Ross did it for about $100 in materials, which is great considering our dining room is 18 feet long! We're so happy with the finished product though and were really pleased to be able to take our builder basic tan room to a glam space with wainscoting and a custom paint job.

We created the diamonds by carefully measuring and marking where each line should go. The diamonds are each 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. Taping perfectly straight like this is definitely a two person job - for us Ross was on a ladder and would start the line, and I would stretch it down diagonally while standing on the floor.


Our china used here is Lenox Butler's Pantry, which I've loved since our wedding. The crystal glasses are Crystal Darques in Baroque.

Last but not least, I have to point out that we survived Raleigh's 2014 Snowpocalypse last week, which ended up getting tons of national media attention. My normal 35-40 minute commute took 5 hours, spanned 4 cars (mine which I had to abandon because it got stuck, two strangers' cars who I hitch hiked with (everyone was hitch hiking because they had to abandon their cars), and my husband's truck (which also got stuck when he tried to come rescue me), and two separate stints on foot between rides. It was a nightmare!

Thanks for reading barbies!


  1. I live in Raleigh also and I had to abandon my car also it took my wonderful friend 2.5 hr to get across town to rescue me and then another hr to get home...

  2. I am wonder to read your every single blog post. It was really very informative. thanks for sharing & I will visit your blog again. white noise app

  3. You did a great job on your dining room! The wainscoting really helps give the room some character!

    As someone who grew up in Montana, I can't imagine what it was like! Glad you survived!

  4. Sorry to hear that Irina - wasn't it awful?! Thanks for the compliments Wendy and Kate!

  5. What paint color did you use? That blue is lovely!

  6. Hi Lucky Mom! It was actually a gray from Glidden. Can't recall the name - sorry!

  7. Hi, I was wondering if there is any chance you can find out what the color grey is on your wall with the diamond pattern. I LOVE your dining room! Also, where did you get the chairs from?



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