Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barbie Dream Kitchen

Although Ross's step-mom recently made me aware of a pink line of dishes (click here to check out this barbie kitchen must-have), I'm resisting the almost irresistable cuteness of the Fiesta Flamingo line and keeping our kitchen more neutral.

I've ALWAYS loved antique white cabinets with ORB pulls and knobs. I saw the combo in a model home in 2009 and fell in love. I also love caramel colored granite with lots of movement and an antique white backsplash, and thought it would all look great with our everyday china pattern, Lenox Butler's Pantry. To top it all off, I had my fingers crossed that our default appliance package was stainless steel. With those things in mind, we walked into our first design appointment with our builder and design consultant and this is what we learned:

The good news:
1) antique white cabinets are "a thing" right now so are very easy to get - hooray!
2) Granite comes standard in our kitchen and even some of our bathrooms - fab!
3) Stainless steel appliances are standard - :)!

The bad news:
1)The ORB pulls and knobs are an upgrade. To get them on all of our kitchen cabinets and drawers would cost $850... a lot of money for something so small.

The oh so ugly news:
1) Granite with a lot of movement is super expensive. Our design consultant explained that the granite with the little speckles is less expensive, and is thus what our builder includes, and the granite with huge waves and swirls throughout (i.e. the granite of my dreams) is a pricey upgrade.

The final outcome:
1) Go with the super chic antique white cabinets. Cost: $0 (there were several cabinets like this in the "included" category).
2) Get the standard pulls and knobs and have Ross change them out ASAP upon move-in. Home Depot sells them for $2-3 per pull and luckily my hubby is super handy! Cost: ~$100 at move-in.
3) Take a deep breath and pay the big bucks to upgrade the granite. I wouldn't be happy with the non-granite-of-my-dreams and would probably pay 3 or 4 times as much to change it in a couple of years. And hey, our granite was way cheaper than it would have been because we got a credit for forfeiting the lower level granite that we got for free.  Cost: too much.

The photos:

Our everyday china, Lenox Butler's Pantry:

Our granite, Colonial Gold:

Our maple cabinets by Yorktowne Cabinetrey in Antique White:

Our Oven Hood will look exactly like this one from our builder's model home (sorry the light is blocking the photo):


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    1. Thanks Andi! I'm so happy you enjoy it and I love that you left me a sweet comment! I get a ton of views, but very few comments, so it means a lot! :)


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