Thursday, July 12, 2012

Light Fixtures Have Been Ordered!

We all know that bad lighting can be unflattering to even the prettiest of barbies, but bad lighting can also be a bad look on your barbie dream house. We had to sort through a TON of whack (for lack of a better term) light fixtures that our builder offered to find the right lights. Here's a picture of the only chandelier that Toll offtered that I thought was Barbie Dream House worthy:

The only problem with it is that it's a "foyer light" and is thus only supposed to be used in the foyer. Our builder let us order it for all of the places that required a chandelier though, for which I'm eternally grateful since the dining room, formal living room and bathroom chandelier options were much smaller and not as grand.  All in all, we ordered 6 of these. There are still a few chandelier spots that we'll need to find our own chandeliers for, but we're already working on that (Home Depot has a surprising expansive, affordable selection). This is what I have in mind for over the island:

These are the lights we chose for the hallways and rooms that don't have fans or chandeliers:

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