Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Hunt for the Perfect Dining Room Table

I've always wanted a super long dining room with a super long dining room table. The source of this wish is two-fold:

1) I fell in love with Ally's parents' very long dining room in the Notebook; and
2) I don't want to have to seat people in multiple rooms for formal dinners.

Here's a (low quality) picture of the Notebook dining room, so you can catch my drift:

When sifting through foorplans with our builder, the floorplan we ultimately chose got a few bonus points (at least from me) for the long dining room. At 18 feet long, I figure it will max out at about a 14 foot table. The biggest problem now is finding a 14 foot table. For example, we were in Ashley Furniture over the weekend and the longest dining room table they had is only 8 feet long! Even if we can find one that's long enough, it still has to be a style we like, which is a giant hurdle all its own.

The two styles I'm feeling are Tuscan and Victorian. Ross doesn't care, so long as the look is traditional (we both kinda dislike the modern look... I think we're probably not hip enough to pull it off).

Here is a BEAUTIFUL Tuscan dining room. Obviously this table is too short, but I love how rich this looks & the wingback chairs at the ends are baller.

Here is another gorgeous Tuscan dining room. This is also too small, but I love the damask on the chairs. This is also a very rich look. This line is from Haverty's (it's called the Grand Tuscan collection), which luckily can be found in Raleigh. If this table was about twice as long and was reasonably priced I'd be all over it.

This dining room is more Victorian/Baroque and is a great example of the big dining room feel. I love gold, but our metal hue in the dining room is going to have to be silver because of all the Arthur Court we have, which is Pewter. The chairs and table are amazing though!

This dining room is also very Victorian. I don't like this shade of green and this room is probably a good bit wider than ours, but it still gives that big dining room feel that we're going after. Also, shout out to whoever did the millwork in here. It's amazing!

I also really hope to be able to find a way to monogram our dining room chairs. I love this look (and if you look closely you can see that it too is featured in the photo from the Notebook) (PS - I swear I'm not obsessed with the Notebook or anything, it's just a really chic dining room).

What style do you guys like? If anyone knows of a great source of long, chic dining room tables, please share!


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