Sunday, February 3, 2013

Construction of the Dream House: The Evolution

We thought it would be fun to do a post of pictures taken from approximately the same spot across the street as our house is being built from the ground up. This is what we have so far, but I'll update it as we progress! :)

April, May, June (WAITING - ugh!):

July (lot clearing):

mid-August (ground breaking!)

late-August (crawlspace complete!)

early September (framing!)

mid-September (framing the upstairs)

Late-September (roof, walls, finishing framing, green wrap, windows)

October 1st, Shingles are done!

Mid-October: Siding!

Mid-January - exterior paint completed

Feb. 1 - Exterior stone completed and metal accent roof done!

March 26 - BDH is complete and we officially own it!!!


  1. hi whitney! Loving your blog! We are going for presale tomorrow for Toll brother's house and didn't have any idea with the entire process. Your blog has been helpful! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  2. You must have been very excited when you saw your dream house with a completed roof. Speaking of roofs, is that a metal roof in your front porch? That’s a beautiful accent to the main roof and stone wall. Your dream house is so beautiful! ->Allyson Duguay

  3. It's nice to see that the progress of your new home had been consisted. You started on the roof, sidings, exterior paint, and now, it's all complete! I checked your other blog posts, and I can truly say that your house is starting to look like a home. Congrats!

    Davis Cassinelli

  4. WOW! What a beautiful mansion! Your dream home finally came true. Congratulations, Whitney! Your house looks majestic, from the color of the roof down to its small details on the exterior. I know, you’re more than happy to see this finished. :) -North West Exteriors


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