Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paint, Crown Molding, Granite, Exterior Stone & CHANDELIERS!

Why hello barbies! It feels like it's been awhile, but I guess it really hasn't. I've had the busiest work week ever since the General Assembly reconvened after six months away and thus I really didn't have a chance to do anything other than sleep [sometimes], eat [some junk food, quickly] and work [what I was doing 99% of this week]. Due to my crazy schedule, seven full days went by before I could stop in on the BDH. Ross and I are absolutely blown away by what they were able to do in those seven days! All hands were certainly on deck at our house this week. Here's the proof:

We got a driveway and sidewalk! I pulled up at just the right time and was able to put our initials in it! :)

The exterior stone is now finished! We were also able to locate the stones we brought from my childhood home that they inconspicuously added to the stone work. <3 Hint: one of them is just below and to the left of the left lamp post. PS - how cute are the lamp posts?

The spiral staircase is done, aside from being stained. This sets my little heart aflutter.
The dining room is painted and tray ceiling trimmed out. The chandelier for this room (a Le Jardin foyer chandelier... I didn't think the dining room chandelier was big enough) is waiting to be installed sitting in our laundry room, of all places.

The formal living room is painted and trimmed too and the juliet balcony that overlooks the formal living room is done. I was really surprised to see that even the music guy had come out, because the speakers are even installed.

The family room/great room/living room (its a place of many names) is making progress as well. You can see we got some of the surface mount light fixtures, trim, paint, speakers and even a hot water heater (I'm pretty sure it won't be there permanently). Also, my fabulous mama can be seen photo bombing.

Lots of fabulous things are happening in the kitchen. We got all of our appliances (except for the refrigerator), our sink, our colonial gold granite (!!!), and one of the chandeliers!

Here are some views from our upstairs hallway, which got crown molding, base molding, paint and surface mount light fixtures. Toula made an uber adorable cameo in this series of photos.

Our master bath got granite, light fixtures and the tile is almost completely done. This granite is called golden fiore and the light fixtures are by Progress Lighting.

This is one of the guest/future baby baths.

This is the media room, which has the juliet balcony that overlooks the formal living room.

Toula in one of the newly finished window sills. We really like how deep they are.

Here is the BDH from the front today, proudly wearing it's new stone, new metal roof (over the porch and one little accent piece on the left side) and partially completed sidewalk and driveway.
Sorry for the photo overload barbies - lots to update you on!


  1. Gorgeous! It's in fast forward mode now! yay! Love it all!

  2. It’s really good to see things coming along together. Your dream home is almost finished. The doors, windows, siding and roof are done. Some parts of the house only need touch ups, but other than that, it is almost ready for furniture decorations. You have such a big and beautiful home!
    -Francisco Close


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