Monday, January 21, 2013

Front doors, master bathroom tile, banisters and EXTERIOR PAINT!

Woohoo! So many fabulous construction things happening on BDH Lane! As many of our neighbors told us, the last few weeks are a flurry of activity and definitely the most exciting part of the construction timeline. Here's what has gone down over the last few days:

This is our checkered tile master bath floor and master shower. I'm thinking that the idea to checker these tiles may have been the best idea I've ever had. Shout out to our fabulous design consultant, Yosra, who knew how to angle the tile for maximum effect and drew the super descriptive drawings to help the tile guys understand her and my vision. Also, props to the tile guy and gal! They've been working 12ish hour days on the tile throughout the house. Yay BDH team! PS - I don't think the green duct tape is permanent.

Here are our new front doors! They'll be stained dark brown before too long. Oh, and the long black thing on one of them is the weather stripping, which, if they're anything like my husband, they taped to the door so they wouldn't lose it. I love the way the light comes in on the foyer floor (but I'm thinking I hope it doesn't bleach the hardwoods over time).

Here are the banisters in progress. I'll post more pictures as these get finished up. An Italian contractor is crafting the banisters on site. It's really cool to see him work. I want to replace the pickets down the road with big iron scroll pickets (a la Khloe and Lamar Odom's house), but those pickets weren't available through our builder.

Here's the tile in one of the guest baths.

Last but not least, here is our new exterior paint job!! There's a HILARIOUS story about how I noticed that the outside was finally painted, but it's way too long for the blog. Ask me in person. But this is such an exciting moment! I wish I could have seen it better and taken better pictures, but as you all know, I'm a working barbie and I couldn't get out to the house until about 6pm, at which point it was pretty dark. Better pics to come - promise!

Thanks for always sharing in our excitement barbs! <3 you all! xox


  1. This is awesome! I live in Cary, originally from New Jersey and found your blog from coming cross Hasentree online, very beautiful community! I'm sure you and your husband will love it there! Hoping and praying for the best and a speedy move in! Take care!


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