Monday, April 29, 2013

Formal Living Room Decor

Good evening barbies! I'm pleased to report that the formal living room furniture and decor are coming together. This room, which my BFF has aptly dubbed 'The Lady Cave' is intended to be the female gathering place of the BDH, the site for bridal and baby showers and just a place to embrace your girly side (which for me is every side).

I got the Victorian sofa and chair from an antique shop near Smithfield, NC. They're in great shape for their age and I got a great deal on them. My mom sewed the curtains from 90 feet of fabric I got for $30 total (!!) at Morningstar Curtains in VA. I wrote about that fabulous little store in my curtains post - basically, it's full of steals, deals, great people and lots of custom drapes! The curtains are 18.5 ft each and a dusty pink color.

The gold mirror is an Italian antique that we picked up at the flea market for $40. The white console table was completely made from scratch by hubby, which he explained how to DIY in this post. My mom picked up the two chic antique chairs in the turret for me for a steal from a coworker. Lastly, the big gold frame above the sofa was an old painting (which turned out to be a famous painter... which I found out after I painted over it... oops) that I picked up at a thrift shop for $20. I hated the painting but loved the frame, so I painted over it and added our monogram!

Here are some pictures of the progress:

The picture on top is of our first dance at our wedding and in the frame below is my bridal bouquet, which my best friend had framed for me and I cherish very much. 

Gotta have the bridal portraits up in the lady cave! The gold sconces are also Italian antiques that we got for a steal at the flea market.

This was our coffee table at our first place. It was yellow oak, but we refinished it and distressed it to make it fit in with all of the antique furniture. A pig on a post and pics from our honeymoon and my law school graduation round it out!

Thanks for looking barbs! The last step is the wallpaper. After we wallpaper the room (I have a light pink trellis pattern picked out) I'll update you!

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