Monday, May 6, 2013

Living Room Inspiration

When we started building the BDH, we knew we had no shortage of formal spaces and entertaining areas, but that the living room had to be a comfortable place to unwind. The problem was that the living room is in the middle of all of those formal spaces, so it couldn't exactly be an old, worn in futon and a TV sitting on a mini-fridge. The challenge at hand was to decorate the living room in a way that allowed it to flow well with all of the formal areas around it, yet still feel comfortable and not uptight.

So I began to scour the internet for comfortable living spaces with decorative ceiling trim, chandeliers or other fine features that didn't undermine the comfort of the space. Much of what I found was still too upscale for the space we envisioned, but beautiful and helpful nontheless. Here are some of my favorite photos:

There's nothing ridiculous or excessive about having a pool in your living room right? lol. I just liked the stained beams on the ceiling with the arches, which look like ours.

I'd kill for this view. Isn't it breathtaking?

I thought this one looked especially cozy, despite the room's large size.

This is ridiculous, but too beautiful not to include. Hubby plans to switch out our banister ballusters for iron swirled ones before too long.

The ornate moulding and large chandelier really make an otherwise casual space feel more formal.
Pictures of our finished living room will appear before too long in the home tour section of the blog. Stay tuned barbs! xox!


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