Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Few Pics from the BDH Housewarming

Hi barbies! We finally got the BDH in order enough to host a few people for the BDH's Housewarming Party.

We had a DIY fajita bar on the island and these fingerfoods on the kitchen table. Any excuse to break out my Arthur Court pewter serveware collection is a good one!

BDH favors!
 Pink bows on the front porch.

I won't put my other friends and neighbors on the internet without knowing whether they're okay, but my best friend has been on here before and hasn't yelled at me, so here's a photo of my gorgeous BFF and I. Many people have asked about my dress, but it's really a sheer maxi skirt (with a non-sheer mini skirt underneath) with a black and white striped tube top underneath and a black vinyl belt to hold it all together.

Favors again:

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