Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunroom Makeover!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful fall weather as much as I am! As I mentioned in my fall decorating post, decorating for the season is one of my favorite things about it, not to mention the food. I also love going to the North Carolina State Fair, which I've only missed a handful of times in my life. Even when I lived in Texas for law school I would fly back every October for it. Hubby and I plan on going tomorrow night, since Mondays are supposed to be one of the least crowded days (although the Scotty McCreery show at the Fair might change that). If you live in NC and are thinking of going, the State Fair's newly redone website with all of the info you'll need is here. Oh, and here are our newly carved pumpkins - I bet you can guess which belongs to which of us.

Fall fun aside, hubby and I found ourselves in the midst of an unexpected room makeover project last week. On Monday night we had an epiphany: our sunroom is probably the nicest room in our house (not to mention the only one that gets much of any sunlight with E/W facing windows) and we never ever EVER set foot in there... life ever. Why not? Because we used the giant room for our not so giant kitchen table, which we never eat at. I love the table - its a gorgeous hand me down from my mother in law and one of the prettiest things we own - but we just don't eat at the kitchen table much (which is bad, I know). We eat at our bar, on the couch (which we always resolve to stop doing but never do), sometimes on our front or back porch when the weather is nice and at our new
dining room table that hubby built when we have company, but somehow never end up at the kitchen table... possibly because it was so out of the way in the sunroom.

Our kitchen has a spot for a kitchen table, but we'd been using that as a sitting area, with two wingback chairs and a TV mounted on the wall (which was kinda cool because we could watch TV while we cooked). So on a random Monday night, we decided to move the kitchen table to the builder-designated kitchen table spot. To our surprise, it fit perfectly and looked great. We moved the cream wingback chairs that were there to our dining room as end chairs and we seriously couldn't have planned it any better. They matched our side chairs perfectly (which are also cream linen) and I had always wanted wingback end/head chairs. Then, magically and out of nowhere, we had a giant, semi-circle shaped sunroom completely empty, a blank canvas, and ready to be converted into whatever we wanted.  Here are the before pictures of the sitting area with wingback chairs and sunroom with kitchen table.



Since our house has no playroom and we're probably going to have kids sometime in the next few years, we wanted the space to be kid friendly (which to us, baby rookies, meant no sharp edges, fabrics that can be easily cleaned and are dark in color, patterned flooring to easily hide any future baby vomit stains). We also wanted the room to be really comfortable. The biggest and most seemingly unattainable goal of the room was to find furniture that accented the room's unique architectural shape: preferably a round couch.

To our surprise, we found a round (!!) leather sectional (we LOVE sectionals and always have) for sale on the cheap on craigslist! We then bought a coordinating blue, brown and gold damask rug from Garden Ridge, one of my favorite stores. I bought a lamp, but I think I'm going to exchange it. I'm also working on cream colored floor length curtains to replace the navy damask valences (which I love and hate to get rid of) because the room needs more warmth/softness I think. Last but not least, my handy hubby got a new HDMI cable and ran wiring for the TV from the kitchen sub-flooring to that room and moved our mounted TV from the kitchen into the sunroom. We still also need a TV stand, but the room is great! We're really enjoying having another comfy living space and I think it will be perfect for kids when the time comes. :) Here are the photos of the (almost) finished product! I can't believe that only 5 days and a small amount of $ later, we have a cozy new living space!


Last but certainly not least, our first born Gus turned 8 last week before we rearranged the furniture. Everyone please wish Gus the pug a happy 8th year! <3

Thanks for reading my ramblings barbies - xox!


  1. It's a shame that you never got to use your table for dining in your lovely sunroom, but I admire the transformation. It was very resourceful of you to convert the sunroom into something that's more useful. At least, now you have cleared more space in case you have kids. I'm crossing my fingers on that.

    Chase Conely @

  2. I love how your new sunroom looks! That sectional sofa of yours is definitely a great find. You guys are so lucky. I particularly like how the colors of those trim curtains seem to go well with the couch and the rug. With the prospect of kids in the near future, you would surely need a space wide enough for them to play around and you can be comfortable yourselves while keeping an eye on them. This sunroom makeover is a great decision.

    Aldo Finney


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