Friday, October 24, 2014

Tour My Mother-in-Law's Historic Adirondack Farmhouse!

Hi dolls!

Since I began this blog in 2012 I've known I should feature my mother-in-law's gorgeous farmhouse at some point, but for some reason, I've never gotten around to it. Inspired by a recent trip my hubby took up there to see her, I decided that now was the time!

While all of my in-laws live in Texas, Ross's mom has a 114 year old farmhouse in upstate New York on the Saranac River that she visits during the summer and fall to escape the Houston heat and return to her roots (she grew up in the area). It's the perfect antecdote to busy, modern and hot big city life in Houston... and it's also incredibly adorable.

I've had the privilege of visiting the farmhouse 5 times in my 8 years with Ross and I fall in love with it a little more each time. I don't think there's anyone on the planet that wouldn't adore this house.  The historic charm, fresh mountain air (the home is located in the famous Adirondack Mountains), the original vintage wallpaper, the fresh hydrangeas, the PERFECT Adirondack decor (think bears, mooses, plaid, canoes and paddles - each of the 3 guest rooms is named after a different Adirondack animal), campfires, stenciled plank floors, sunflowers in the garden, rooster cabinet pulls, wrought iron chandeliers all work together to make it the most charming and cozy house I've ever been in.

Check out the photos below - I'm sure you'll love it as much as we all do!

I love this photo she has on display of the original owners standing in front of the house:


  1. I want to go home! made Aunt And I cry! A happy cry...thank you for taking me home where my heart far upstate as you can go before your considered Canadian!

  2. Absolutely Adirondack Adorable! What a sweet gesture to share this place that is so near and dear to your lovely mother in law! Photos cannot begin to capture the true's the air, the scents of the mountains and the hometown feel you get when you visit Saranac, NY and the surrounding areas. Thanks for sharing!


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