Saturday, July 14, 2012

Door Drama

Every brand-new, expensive, barbie dream house should come with a fabulous front door, right?

Apparently not. The door that comes standard with our house is not so hot. In fact, it looks eerily similar to the front doors on our Texas rental home that was built in 1981. The builder's proposed remedy to this glitch is that we upgrade to the super chic mahogany front doors that he offers. The only problem with this is that they're $4,500 and require bi-annual upkeep by a professional mahogany door guy. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? 

After a cursory sweep through the 'hood to gauge what percent of our neighbors sprung for the pricey mahogany double door upgrade, we found the result to be almost 100%. How bad would it be if we were the only people in the neighborhood that didn't get the awesome front doors? We don't want to be conformists, but we don't want to be the house that brings down the subdivision either.

Here's one of our neighbor's houses, with the $4,500 mahogany doors. You'll see it's arched, as opposed to squared off at the top. This is what the majority of our neighbors have.

The builder's other suggestion is that we pay $1,100 (a more reasonable figure) for double front doors that are wood framed (with a maintenance-free wood) but have giant class rectangles in the middle. Although this seemed better initially, I've come to the following conclusions:
            1) they're not very ornate;
            2) they don't seem safe to me (but maybe I'm just paranoid); and
            3) don't lend much privacy.

 This is basically what they look like when stained:

What I would love to do is upgrade to the glass doors and find someone who does iron work to create iron grilles for them on the cheap, so that they ultimately look like this:

The only problem is, I have no idea where to find said iron-smith. Does anyone know of anyone who can do this?

We have to finalize the door decision in the next two weeks.What are your thoughts on our door drama?

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