Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dream House Flooring

We are in the process of finalizing our flooring selections, so I thought I would include a post and pictures of our choices in the main living areas. Almost the entire first floor is hardwood, but our living room will be carpeted. The second floor is the opposite: it's entirely carpet except for the bathrooms. Our secondary bathrooms and laundry room will all be a 12x12 neutral, off-white tile with some cream swirls/patterns in them. Our master bathroom will be 18x18 grey tiles checkered with ivory tiles, which we hope will make a huge statement!

Here is a picture of our hardwood sample and carpet sample (I apologize for the low image quality). We wanted to avoid white or vanilla carpets, so we chose this color. It also looked nice next to our wall paint swatch. We both really liked the shag carpets that have come back into style these days, but it would have been over $10,000 to upgrade to them throughout the house. Plus, we're not sure how long the fad will last and don't want it to affect our resale value. As to the hardwoods, it seems like "the darker, the better" is the way to go these days. Plus, we thought this color was really rich.

Here is a picture of gray and ivory checkered tile similar to what we plan on having in our master bath. I think our tiles will be larger than these though. Also, ours won't be this glossy, they're matte. Upgrading to this size and quality of tile was expensive, but our builder offered a tile upgrade coupon that we took advantage of to offset a lot of the cost. Isn't this look chic for a master bath?

Thanks for checking in barbs! Leave me some comments and let me know what you guys want to see more/less of! xox

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