Monday, July 16, 2012

Hasentree's Handsomest Homes (in our opinion)

We really think our entire neighborhood is absolutely beautiful, but there are a few houses that, in our opinion, win the Hasentree home beauty pageant. Most of these are on the neighborhood's main road since they were built when the neighborhood still only allowed $2 million + homes (before our builder took over and started building much more affordable houses). After much deliberation, here are our absolute favorite homes in the neighborhood:

#6  - Although we're usually not nuts about perfectly symmetrical houses, this one makes the list because it's softer than a lot of the homes in Hasentree. Maybe it's the light stone and brick or the flower beds under the windows, but this house just gives off more of a princess vibe than most of the dark, massive houses in the neighborhood. Also of note, I think this one won the Parade of Homes a few years ago and it also has a beautiful golf course view.

#5 - I love this one because of the way the turet is kind of sunken into the house AND because it has a view of the golf course from the front of the house. Ross and I decided early on that we didn't want a golf course in our backyard for privacy reasons (not to mention it was probably way out of our budget), but I think a view of the golf course from your front porch could be pretty sweet. It's way better than a view of the comings and goings of across-the-street neighbors, right?

#4 - Ross doesn't really like this one, or it would have rated higher, but I'm in LOVE with how French Country this place looks! Isn't it beautiful? I also think the tree placement is perfect: it provides shade to the non-air conditioned garage. Thoughtful!

#3 - We love how truly European this one looks. Doesn't it look super authentic?! The stone on the side looks like it could have been pulled from an old German street. Also, the roof line is super dynamic. Roof drama! Love it!

#2 - This one has sentimental value, for several reasons. First, it's the model home that we signed our purchase agreement in! Second, it's the only one on the list made by our builder, Toll Brothers. Third, and most importantly, this is a lot like what our house is going to look like. Our home is often referred to as the mini version of this. If you take this house, subtract a few interior upgrades, take away one staircase, and shrink everything by about 20%, you've just made our house!

#1 - a tie between my favorite and Ross's favorite: This is my favorite. Doesn't it look like a mini-Biltmore? It's hard to call this masterpiece a mini anything, but being compared to the Biltmore is a serious honor. Also, it's on its own tiny cul-de-sac with the best view in the neighborhood of Hasentree lake! Rumor has it that this guy bought TWO lots to build this on so that he could have the best lake view, not to mention some elbow room.

Here is Ross's favorite, also a mammoth. This HAS to be the biggest house in the neighborhood and is certainly the most dynamic. It also has a pool in the backyard (I can smell the chlorine from the street!).

Which one is your  favorite?


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