Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home Placement Fixed (Kinda)

This morning on the way to my parents' house we stopped by our lot to check on things. They had cleared even more, had removed almost all of the debris and leveled the lot. The stakes in the ground are still wrong, but our builder very quickly ordered us a new plot plan yesterday when we told him we didn't like the original placement of the home on the lot. I think they will probably re-stake it and clear a little more to the back and left to accommodate the adjustment. We're still working on one tiny adjustment to it, so maybe they're waiting on that.

Here is a picture of the lot this morning. Isn't it nice and flat? :)

Here is a picture of the original plot plan:

Here is a picture of the much improved, better plot plan.

This one gives us more privacy, a bigger backyard, more elbow room and utilizes more of our left side-yard. We would have moved it further left, but our kitchen is already almost crossing the perimeter setback, which is a big no-no.

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